Before moving into assisted living, do I need to visit my physician?

  1. Molly Dworken 10/16/2012 05:33PM

    For all adults, especially those who are approaching their senior years, it's very important to have regular health examinations with a general physician, as well as keep appointments with specialists, as needed. But for those seniors who are considering a lifestyle change like moving into an assisted living facility, knowing where you stand health wise is key to figuring out what the best senior home option is for you, and what level of care is required.

    Assisted living communities are different from nursing homes in that they do not provide medical care. The senior residents live somewhat independently, but have help with their activities of daily living, from preparing meals to bathing to shopping to cleaning. In other words, seniors in assisted living homes should be in good general health, and/or be able to manage their own health issues, such as remembering to take their medications. A complete physical exam is a good idea – and will likely even be a requirement for the facility's application process – before moving into this type of residence.

    Even after making the move, regular visits with a physician are important to keep on top of any health concerns, monitor chronic issues such as high blood pressure or diabetes, and assess physical limitations.