Can a resident keep his car while living in an assisted living community?

  1. Molly Dworken 10/16/2012 05:33PM

    A car and driver's license represent freedom to many people. Since the teen years, a car has been the path to independence, recreation, friends, work, and more. Seniors moving to assisted living may feel as if they are giving up a lot, but it's important for the residents' physical and mental health to be able to maintain their independence and freedom. As long as a resident can physically and legally drive a motor vehicle and has a valid driver's license, he can keep his car when they move to assisted living.

    Most assisted living communities provide dedicated parking spaces for residents. And when it snows? Assisted living staff is on-hand to scrape the snow off and dig the car out, if necessary, although some parking spots may actually be sheltered from the elements.

    Of course, with so many flexible transportation options available, a senior may decide they'd rather not have the added expense of maintaining, insuring and gassing up a car. Even if a senior has a car available, they can take advantage of free transportation by bus, shuttle or private car, if they just prefer not to drive on any given day.

    Seniors in assisted living represent a broad spectrum of capabilities and needs. If a resident is able to drive and wants to keep their vehicle, ask about policies and parking availability. You should find that most assisted living communities support the senior's right to keep their own car and make it easy to do so.