Can assisted living residents have family members join them for dinner?

  1. Molly Dworken 10/16/2012 05:33PM

    Meal times in the dining halls of assisted living communities are stimulating social events for residents and visitors alike. Most assisted living communities provide three meals at specific times of day, although others have a more flexible meal schedule.

    Most assisted living communities welcome residents to have family members join them for dinner, although the visitors will most likely have to pay for their meal.

    Some assisted living communities have a choice of dining areas, from fine dining restaurants to family-style dining halls. The food is often very high quality, with a variety of menu choices, including meals for residents and visitors with dietary restrictions. If family members have special dietary needs, including vegetarian, vegan, diabetic or gluten free requirements, you'll want to let the assisted living staff know in advance of their visit.

    Often, assisted living activities coordinators plan special dinners events, such as serving cuisine from a specific country (Italian night, Mexican night or something even more exotic) or “Ice Cream Sundaes on Sunday” for dessert. Residents may even take part in helping to prepare their own family recipes on certain evenings. This can be a particularly fun time for family members to visit and join in mealtime festivities in the assisted living community.