Can one parent move into assisted living and the other move into independent living in the same community?

  1. Molly Dworken 10/16/2012 05:33PM

    In the event that one spouse is in relatively good health and the other needs help with daily activities, one spouse may choose to stay in an independent living apartment while the other stays in an assisted living apartment within the same community. Other living options are also possible. Depending upon the couple's needs and the range of care options within the community, the situation may be such that one spouse stays in assisted living while the other spouse requires the memory care unit or the skilled nursing facility.

    There are certainly some logistical advantages to such an arrangement. The healthier spouse doesn't have to find transportation to be with his/her spouse. They are able to spend their days together, share meals together, and participate in activities together. This is also a convenience for the couple's adult children, in that they can visit both parents at one community.

    The expense of having two apartments may prompt the spouses to choose one apartment in assisted living together. If the healthier spouse does not need extra personal care services, based on an “á la carte” payment schedule, he or she will not have to pay them. The couple will only have to pay for the extra personal care services for the spouse who needs them. If the healthier spouse eventually does need extra care, the transition to assisted living has already been made and the cost of the extra personal care services can be added at that time.

    Being together in the same community – and possibly in the same assisted living apartment – is an ideal solution for couples that were resistant to assisted living because they did not want to separated. If they know they can be together, they may be more receptive to considering assisted living for the spouse in need of more care.