Do most assisted living communities provide a pool?

  1. Molly Dworken 10/16/2012 05:33PM

    There's nothing quite like a dip in a swimming pool on a nice summer day. That's why many senior living communities have pools for residents to enjoy in the warmer months – and depending on the location, some lucky folks can swim year-round! Sometimes, the pools are heated for use in cooler climates.

    Many seniors like to participate in water aerobics, which is a great for those with arthritis, thanks to low-impact exercises that keep unnecessary stress off arthritic joints. A number of assisted living communities provide water aerobics classes and instructors for scheduled exercise sessions. Senior residents who just want to take a dip in the water can do so, then spend time soaking in the rays on a chair or lounge next to their community's swimming pool.

    Other places may also feature hot tubs, which are especially nice when the weather is cooler. Hot tubs are sometimes adjacent to the community's swimming pool, making it a snap to go back and forth to soothe and loosen up achy joints.

    If you'll want to take a dip now and then, look for an assisted living community that offers a relaxing pool for its able-bodied residents to enjoy, and you'll be in the swim of things.