Do most assisted living communities provide visiting physicians?

  1. Molly Dworken 10/16/2012 05:33PM

    Assisted living communities seek to do everything they can to make life more convenient for residents, and this includes providing easy access to doctors. Most assisted living communities partner with local physicians who visit the community regularly, and can see patients either in an on-site clinic or in the resident's own room.

    If a senior is thinking about changing doctors, it could be worth meeting with the doctors who regularly visit the assisted living community. Seniors may find the quality of care they're looking for with the convenience of on-site doctors.

    Additionally, seniors contemplating a move to assisted living can ask their regular doctors if they make “house calls” to specific assisted living communities, since some do. An assisted living resident always has the choice to keep their own doctor, or doctors, and can receive help scheduling and keeping appointments. Transportation to doctors is typically provided free-of-charge via bus, shuttle or car.

    Some assisted living facilities also offer emergency medical services within the community, although this is not as common. Twenty-four hour medical care is not typically provided in an assisted living community.

    Although most aspects of assisted living are not covered by Medicare, doctor's visits, whether they take place within the assisted living community or in the doctor's office, are usually covered by Medicare Plan B.