How do I move a loved one into assisted living when I live far away?

  1. Molly Dworken 10/16/2012 05:33PM

    There's no doubt that caregiving from a distance is a difficult situation. That's why many families choose assisted living communities to help aid their senior loved ones with the activities of daily living. Helping them with the actual move, however, will take some effort, a lot of online research, many phone calls, and ultimately a trip or two to visit the facilities that are being considered. It also helps if there is a trusted family member or friend who lives close to the senior who can help transport him or her back and forth to tour the facilities and/or any required medical examinations. Once the move is a go, the senior will also need help with packing and deciding which items can be given away or left behind. The days before the move might be a good time to plan a trip so you're there to help ease the emotional transition.

    Remember, it's not only a physical burden to move to a new home, but the senior may also be sad about leaving behind his or her home. As for paperwork, technology makes life easier as contracts and other items can be faxed or emailed as a PDF so you can review and assist with getting items completed.