What caregiver support programs are provided to family members in an assisted living facility?

  1. Molly Dworken 10/16/2012 05:33PM

    When a senior moves into an assisted living facility, it's a time of adjustment and changes. That adjustment doesn't just affect the senior, however. Family members and caregivers often have a great deal of difficulty with the change. Recognizing the importance of family's involvement with seniors in their communities, assisted living facilities place a strong emphasis on communication and staying connected to families and caregivers, especially during that early transition. Many facilities also provide special family programming, services and events and caregiver support.

    Encouraging family and caregiver visits to residents is one way assisted living communities provide support. Special monthly events, such as Family Night dinners or parties are often a regular part of caregiver/family support services. Regular visiting by family members is an expected part of any assisted living resident's care plan and some facilities sponsor outings in the community or special events. Phone calls from facility staff to family are often scheduled weekly to report the resident's status.

    Many assisted living facilities offer respite services as part of their continuum of care. If a caregiver or family member needs to take a break from caring for a senior, day or overnight respite care can be scheduled. To benefit both caregivers and family members of residents, facilities often provide regularly scheduled caregiver support groups onsite.