What paperwork is required when moving into an assisted living community?

  1. Molly Dworken 10/16/2012 05:33PM

    Moving into an assisted living community is no small decision, and like most big decisions, there is a lot of paperwork involved. First off, anyone who wants to become an assisted living resident will usually have to have a physical examination and have the doctor complete a form that assesses general health.

    Once that is completed, the main paperwork is the contract agreement between the assisted living community and the resident. This is a legal document that protects both the residence and the resident in that it clearly spells out the costs, level of care, and other items like discharge policies. Along those lines, there may also be a resident plan of care, which lists out the services that the resident will receive and the costs therein. To be safe, these binding contracts should be reviewed by a legal professional so that you know what you're paying for, and what you're agreeing to.

    There may be additional paperwork to take care of before the big move as well, which may or may not be a requirement. Some of those include appointing powers of attorney for health and finances, creating a living will, and/or a healthcare directive, among other documents.