What security features will you find at a typical assisted living community?

  1. Molly Dworken 10/16/2012 05:33PM

    When residents choose to move into an assisted living community and their family members come to visit, they expect a comfortable environment, freedom from worry about maintaining a home, and caring assistance with those activities that have become more difficult to manage. But one of the most important aspects of an assisted living community is the security features provided.

    The safety considerations assisted living communities prioritize are securing entrance and exit points to the community and protecting residents' apartments or rooms and their personal belongings from theft. These safeguards are provided through 24-hour security personnel and often incorporate video surveillance of the facility. Doors and locks on residents' apartments or rooms are designed to offer independence while still being in a secured and potentially monitored environment . They are also simple to operate, which is specifically important for those suffering from arthritis or other physical limitations.

    Emergency procedures and safeguards are part of an assisted living community's overall security and safety program. Residents' living spaces are equipped with 24-hour emergency call systems and smoke alarms. Facilities are required by their licensing and operation guidelines to have very specific emergency/fire/safety plans and to make them available to residents and family members for review. The assisted living community's staff is trained to be observant of residents' safety and security needs, responding and handling emergencies if they occur.