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There”s a trend toward making nursing homes more home-like. But there are pros and cons to consider. Get tips from a certified geriatric-care manager in Denver, Colorado. find the best nursing homes in Denver at

Learn more about the home-like trend in part one of this video series.


A home-like nursing home seems great. But is it really?

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Last episode, we talked about nursing homes becoming more home-like. They”re decorated like home, and your everyday life is more under your control. But that doesn’t mean they’re perfect.

Alissa Schramm, a certified geriatric-care manager, told me quote, “Be careful not to place too much weight on aesthetics.” She says, “Listen to interactions between caregivers and residents. Note whether the nursing home has unpleasant odors. Ask questions and understand the answers. Most importantly, focus on the quality of care.”

Makes sense. And here”s another consideration. In her area, Alissa, who”s president of Compass Elder Care Specialists in Denver, Colorado, has found that nursing homes that accept Medicaid may tend to be slower adapters to this new way of doing things, probably because of money.



And, Alissa says, these new philosophies present new hurdles. For example, if one resident likes to stay up late and another gets up early and they end up being roommates, there could be a problem. But nursing homes are sorting this out and learning how to do things better.

When it comes down to it, how much of a difference do these homey changes make in people’s lives? Alissa says there’s no doubt; they make a big difference. It’s not just the décor; it’s the ability to make your own decisions. She told me this story:

I helped a 98-year-old woman move to a nursing home recently. Many of her fears about leaving home stemmed from misperceptions because she was applying her knowledge of traditional nursing homes. She was surprised and thankful that she could state a time preference for bathing and fill out a menu card for her meals every day.



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