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Tips for Visiting Assisted Living Communities with Kids

Whether your loved ones are miles away, and you’re making a special trip, or they are in your hometown, visiting an assisted living community is always a special experience. You’re letting your loved one know that you care and that

September Spotlights Fall Prevention for Seniors

September 22 marks the ninth annual Falls Prevention Awareness Day, a day devoted to helping seniors avoid the health-threatening consequences of slips and falls. Thousands of seniors fall each year. According to the CDC, falls are a serious area of

New Report Highlights Complexity of Family Care for Seniors

Family caregivers have quite a job on their hands. A recent report released by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine details the increasingly complex role of family caregivers. As the nation’s senior ranks swell in upcoming years, a

Unique Memory Care Community Design Lights Up the Web

A memory care community in South Russell, Ohio is causing quite a stir on the web with its unique design. Lantern of Chagrin Valley is designed to mimic the look of towns in the 1930’s and 1940’s, an era that

Looking to the Future: Can Assisted Living Meet the Challenge?

There are currently 9.6 million American adults over the age of 82. According to statistical data, for each senior over the age of 80, there are seven adults who can potentially provide needed care. But here’s the rub: As Baby

Expert Interview Series: Michael Steinberg of Senior Planning Services About the Ins and Outs of Medicaid

Michael Steinberg is the director of business development at Senior Planning Services, a Medicaid application company that assists individuals with obtaining Medicaid benefits, as a means to cover the cost of long-term care. We recently sat down with Michael to

Affording Assisted Living: Are You Leaving Social Security Money on the Table?

With 10,000 Baby Boomers retiring every day in the U.S., financial planning for long-term care is on the minds of newly-minted seniors everywhere. And for many of these seniors, social security benefits play a significant role in future financial planning.

Senior Care Medical Advances: Diagnosing Early-Onset Dementia

While the vast majority of people suffering from dementia are aged 65 or older, there is growing evidence that some forms of dementia affect people much younger than 65. For instance, about 5 percent of Alzheimer’s sufferers are classified as

Important Conversations Adult Children Should Have with Their Parents

Adult children need to prepare for discussions about driving, health, nutrition, hygiene, and future living arrangements with their aging parents.

10 Alzheimer’s Warning Signs

As people age, they change cognitively and behaviorally. If you are visiting this page because you fear a loved one might be suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia, remember that most seniors will not remember or act with the same clarity

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