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What to Say to Someone in Hospice (and What You’ll Regret Not Saying)

  Americans buy billions of greeting cards every year. There’s a reason. Sometimes, the words just don’t flow. We need help figuring out what to say. Perhaps that’s never more true than when a friend or family member is dying.

What is “Life Settlement” ?

A life settlement is the sale of an existing life insurance policy for more than its cash surrender value but less than its death benefit. The investor that purchases the policy takes over ownership, starts paying the premiums, and becomes

What is a “Senior Center”

Many Senior’s who are independent and are aging at home, may be looking for ways to keep themselves engaged. Senior centers are often lively places that bring together older adults who want to be engaged in their communities and with

What Assistance Is Available To Help Pay For Care?

Paying for Senior Care is a very important issue that every family needs to deal with. There are many financial questions that need to be answered, as part of the overall search for the best solution for your loved one.

What Are The Different Care Options, And When Are They Viable For Consideration?

There are many options out there but not all of them may be viable for your particular situations. Finding the best care option is not a simple task. With so many senior housing options available, it’s easy to feel confused

Veterans Benefits – A Primer

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers a benefits package that provides hospital and outpatient medical care and treatment. VA’s priority system ensures that veterans with service-connected disabilities and those below the low-income threshold are granted top priority for receiving

Top Questions About Nursing Home Care

Finding the right nursing home can be overwhelming and stressful. When assessing a nursing home there are many things you should be considering. The first step is to take time and visit OurParents. You can search for a lot of

Top-5 Best Remodeling Products for Aging in Place

Remodeling your home for aging in place doesn’t have to be an unfortunate necessity. It’s the perfect opportunity to make your house downright cool. When we asked five certified aging in place specialists what their favorite accessibility products were, they

Top-10 Unexpected Activities at Retirement Communities

Sure, when you’re living in a retirement community, you might be able to golf. Go for a swim. Take a group trip to a museum. But every once in a while, wouldn’t it be fun to mix things up? Do

Top-10 Tips for Visiting Someone With Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s profoundly changes how we interact with the person who has it. Figuring out what to say and do can be challenging. To help you connect in a more fulfilling way, we asked experts to email us their best tips

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