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Top-10 Tips for Beginning Caregivers: Insiders’ Advice

When you decide to care for an elderly parent, you do so out of love, responsibility or compassion. Not because you’re trained to. The world of eldercare brings challenges you may not have expected. To give you a head start,

The Worst Things to Say and Do When Someone Is in Hospice

We’ve all had that moment. You’re struggling for just the right words, and before you know it, you’ve stuck your proverbial foot in your mouth. Previously, we covered what to say to someone in hospice. But what should you avoid?

The Role Of Hospice In Elder Health Care

Hospice care in eldercare is a service that provides end of life care in the comfort of the home or in a hospice setting. This setting may be a nursing home or even a hospital setting. The role of hospice allows

The Elderly Sometimes Needs Help With Their Medications

The elderly take multiple prescribed medications and over the counter medications. Some prefer take multiple supplements and alternative (natural) medications for their conditions. All this puts the elderly person at risk for interactions and misuse of medications. There are many

Respite Care: How Senior Caregivers Can Take a Break

Summary: If you’re caring for aging parents and just need a break, there are people who will step in for you. It’s called respite care. It’s available from many sources. Get tips in this video from Helen Bergman, a geriatric-care

OurParents Launches User Forums For Its Directory Of Senior Care Providers

Internet’s largest independent directory of senior care providers adds user forums, allowing members to get their senior care questions answered by the OurParents community Washington, DC (September 23, 2009) – People searching for care for their aging parents find almost

OurParents Launches The Largest Independent Directory Of Senior Care Providers On The Internet, With Free Detailed Comparison Reports And User Reviews For Each Facility

The detailed facility reports, a $25 to $90 value, are available for free today at, as OurParents attacks the flawed business practices of the current senior care internet businesses with OurParents’ pro-senior / pro-family offerings. Washington, DC (PRWEB) July

OurParents Launches First Independent, Unbiased Online Service to Match Families of Aging Parents with Senior Care Providers

OurParents Launches First Independent, Unbiased Online Service to Match Families of Aging Parents with Senior Care Providers Company defies current business practices of senior care websites with launch of, a free matching service for both consumers and senior care

Preparing Yourself For The Sticker Shock Associated With The Costs Of An Assisted Living Community

Many elderly care advisors hear the phrase “That is so much more expensive than just living at home.” However, does assisted living truly cost more than living at home? It can be said that the true difference is the personal

Pets Improve ElderCare

Are you providing elderly care, for one or more loved ones? If so, you may want to consider introducing a furry friend into your caregiving routine. Pets have been recognized in contributing special qualities that help individuals with a range

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