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PACE – A Wholesome Alternative Care Option

PACE – “Program for All Inclusive Care for the Elderly” provides the comprehensive elder care that frail seniors need without placing them in a nursing home. In those situations where a senior does not posess the needed funds to to pay

Nursing Homes That Allow Live-In Pets: How Does That Work?

——————— Love cats? So do some nursing homes. I’m Leigh Ann Otte, reporting for It’s hard to move to a nursing home and leave a beloved pet. These days, you may not have to. Some nursing homes allow you

Nursing Homes – Medicare

There are several ways to pay for nursing home facility care. These include Medicare, Medicaid, long-term care insurance policies, veterans benefits, and private funding. Initially, many nursing home facilities are covered by Medicare, after which your options are long-term care

Nursing Homes Becoming More Home-Like

Summary:   If you’re searching for a nursing home today, you may be pleasantly surprised. There’s a trend toward home-like atmospheres, away from that sterile hospital feel. In this video, learn what you can look for in your neighborhood. It

Nursing Homes – A Primer

What is a nursing home? What you can expect? How to pay for It? and How can you find a nursing home? What Is a Nursing Home? Nursing homes are care facilities that provide medical treatment and care within the

A Check List For Evaluating Nursing Homes

A nursing home is a permanent option for seniors who are too sick or frail to live by themselves (or with family) at home, or a temporary option for those who need serious recovery. Either way, choosing to live in

Medicare – A Primer

Medicare is a health insurance program designed primarily for people over the age of 65 or people that are under the age of 65 but suffer from major disabilities. Medicare is federally issued health insurance that was created in the

Rating Systems For Nursing Homes

Moving yourself or a loved one from independent living or assisted living into a nursing home facility is a major life decision fraught with emotion and impacting every aspect of the resident’s life. When the time comes, how do you

Medicaid – A Primer

Medicaid is a federally aided, state-operated program that provides medical care for some low-income individuals and families with limited resources. If an individual is receiving social security benefits, a part of those funds will go toward your medical expenses. Other

Managed Care (HMO) – A Primer

Managed care policies are defined as medicare_part_c. these policies were originally designed to provide all of the medical services and supplies offered by medicare, plus additional benefits such as prescription drug, vision and hearing coverage, as well as enhanced coverage

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