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Important Check Lists

The first step to choosing appropriate home care services is to understand the types of home care providers and services available to you. There are basically two types of home care services.&nb...
A residential care facility is an option for some individuals that require assistance or supervision, but do not care to be part of a larger community, such as most assisted living facilities of...
A nursing home is a permanent option for seniors who are too sick or frail to live by themselves (or with family) at home, or a temporary option for those who need serious recovery. Either way, ...

Getting Started

  1. How Do I Begin The Search For Care Options?
  2. What are the different options, and when are they viable options to consider?
  3. How do i know if my loved one is suffering from alzheimer’s disease?
  4. What assistance is available to help pay for care?
  5. What does medicare cover?
  6. How do i talk with my parents about making a transition?
  7. How to manage the family stress levels during this period?
  8. Are there any alternative options available for care?
  9. When does in-home care care make sense?
  10. What to look for, and how do i interview a care provider?
  11. How do we plan for the actual move?