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Founders: Maynard Fahs Established: 1988
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About Hearth Management Premier Senior Living

Hearth Premier Senior Living, based in Syracuse, NY, has been serving the residential needs of older adults since the late 1980s. Dan Suits has been the COO of the privately held Hearth Management LLC since 1997; he also serves as vice president of Fahs Construction Group, which has been developing new Hearth properties since 1995. Maynard Fahs is the CEO and founder of both companies, responsible for setting a company vision for creating communities that are sharply focused on fulfilling the total needs of residents, families, staff, and communities.

Hearth communities offer a full range of senior living options -- including independent living, assisted living/enriched living and memory care -- designed to accommodate individual lifestyles and enable residents to get the most from their retirement years. There are a total of 12 communities in desirable settings, including beautiful coastal or shoreline locations, quaint neighborhoods, charming villages, and convenient properties located just a short distance from vibrant city centers. Four of the communities are in New York State, four in Indiana, three in Connecticut, and one in Tennessee.

The "HEARTH" Value System

The value system in place at Hearth Management Premier Senior Living communities inspires and supports the mind, body, and spirit of its residents. The acronym "HEARTH" corresponds to the organization's commitment to six core principles: H for health and wellness; E for education, A for advocacy, R for respect, T for the total person, and H for the home. As a framework to Hearth's philosophy, the organization offers the widely acclaimed Live More and Care Connect programs as means of helping residents to age well and maintain a life that's filled with passion, joy, and purpose. The holistic approach of these programs is designed to make life more enriching and fulfilling.

At Hearth Premier Senior Living communities, attention is given to meeting the specific needs of each resident instead of using a one-size-fits-all approach. When new residents first come to a Hearth Premier Senior Living community, they are asked to fill out an in- depth survey to identify their likes, interests, and needs. Using what they've learned from these initial surveys, staff members get to know residents as the unique individuals they are. Ongoing employee education provided in the Care Connect focuses on empowering staff members so that they can formulate activities, outings, speakers, meals, community space, and décor that they know residents will like. Customized care plans are developed around residents' needs to enhance their lifestyles.

Hearth Premier Senior Living strives to meet their residents' unique financial situations as well. Hearth Management offers a "Funding Solutions" program that provides financial flexibility for seniors and their families.

Living Options

Hearth Premier Senior Living communities have been recognized for their home-like atmosphere -- both in comfortable private residences as well as tastefully decorated social areas and beautifully landscaped grounds. Communities offer residents three meals a day featuring a varied and well-balanced menu. Housekeeping and laundry services are available, freeing up residents from tiring tasks while ensuring they have plenty of time for activities and social gatherings. Transportation is available to take residents to doctor's appointments, shopping trips, or social outings.

The independent living option at Hearth communities provides seniors with gracious apartment living in a variety of floor plan choices -- all of which are designed with the resident's comfort and security in mind. Independent living gives residents the freedom to do what they wish -- whether it's enjoying the privacy of their own apartment or taking advantage of the numerous social opportunities that are available in the community's lounges, recreation rooms, dining room, and outdoor living areas.

Hearth's assisted and enriched living communities are designed to provide residents with a full spectrum of services and senior care. Residents truly have the best of both worlds in communities that offer them independence and the freedom to do what they want but coupled with whatever level of personal care and support services they might need. A caring and professional staff offers assistance with basic daily activities such as bathing, grooming, dressing, running errands, social and recreational activities, as well as help with medication management and getting to their appointments.

Memory Care Communities

Hearth Management offers comprehensive memory loss care for residents at communities in New York, Connecticut, Indiana, and Tennessee. The caring and well-trained staff offers supportive care to serve the special needs of individuals with Alzheimer's disease, dementia, and other forms of memory loss. Hearth's Care Connect program offers structured care that helps people with memory loss maintain function and also offers the stability of a routine that allows these individuals to maximize their independence and autonomy.

Care Connect

All Hearth communities offer Care Connect, which was created in 2004 to provide a holistic approach to caring for older adults. Originally created to focus on the needs of residents with Alzheimer's disease and dementia, Care Connect has since evolved to encompass a broader vision and mission. The initial resident surveys are indicative of the overall tone of this unique program, which includes ongoing education that focuses on empowering employees to see and hear things from the residents' point of view. As a result, the organization as a whole is better able to understand and communicate with the seniors who live in Hearth communities and to empathize with their families.

Care Connect also focuses on giving employees a medical, social, and psychological knowledge base that allows them to better care for community residents. There are various learning modules in the program, including sensory and dementia simulations, Alzheimer's disease and dementia, communication, ethics, family dynamics, and validation therapy. The program is flexible so that additional modules can be added later, allowing the program to evolve and grow in response to additional information and knowledge uncovered regarding the best ways to care for older adults and provide support for their families.

Live More and Think More

The Live More program at Hearth Senior Living communities has attracted considerable attention for its innovative approach. The vision behind the program is to help residents live life at their optimal level across eight key areas of wellness: intellectual, spiritual, emotional, social, nutritional, physical, environmental and vocational. This holistic approach fits into Hearth's goal of adding joy, purpose and meaning to the lives of community residents. The physical fitness portion of the program assist residents in improving their mobility, strength, and balance with games and activities such as the Wii, Tai Chi, and daily exercise sessions. Live More also includes nutrition classes, a walking club, trivia games, and regular opportunities for socialization.

The Live More program has been highlighted in the media, including a segment on a local television station as well as a full-length feature presentation on InView, a program hosted by Larry King that airs on The Discovery Channel, CNBC and Bravo.

While Live More focuses on several key areas of wellness, Think More focuses specifically on the brain. Based on the principle of "Use It or Lose It," the Think More program offers twice-weekly cognitive brain exercise classes that offer a stimulating learning environment with a varied curriculum. The Think More facilitator provides an opportunity to practice intellectual fitness in a small group setting with such activities and creativity exercises and strategic problem-solving discussions. In addition to its focus on improving cognitive skills, Think More has also increased hope, confidence, and socialization for participants.

Recognition for Excellence

Hearth Management and its premier senior living communities have won several awards in recognition of their commitment to excellence. The Hearth at Gardenside in Branford, Connecticut, and The Hearth at Sycamore Village in Fort Wayne, Indiana, have been presented with Business of the Year and Business of the Month Awards respectively by their chambers of commerce. In addition, the Hearth at Sycamore Village was voted No. 1 in Assisted Living and No. 1 for Best Senior Housing Community in the 2010 Readers Choice Awards survey conducted by the Fort Wayne Newspapers. Similarly, the Hearth at Tudor Gardens in Zionsville, Indiana, was named Zionsville's Best Retirement Community for 2011 as part of the Best of the Best awards, a readership survey sponsored by the Zionsville Time Sentinel.

Just last year, the Connecticut Assisted Living Association honored five employees from Hearth at Southbury in Southbury, Connecticut. The employees were honored in June 2012 at the Eighth Annual CALA Assisted Living Awards for Outstanding Resident Service. The awards serve as an outward validation of the caring and supportive services for which Hearth Premier Senior Living is known.