An Introduction to Legend Senior Living
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8415 E 21st Street North #100 Wichita, KS 67206
Founders: Tim Buchanan Established: 2001
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About Legend Senior Living

Senior living industry leader Tim Buchanan began Legend Senior Living in 2011. Buchanan's 25+ year career has been marked by the creation of award-winning senior communities, including Sterling House Corporation, which developed and operates hundreds of retirement residences across the country. Now in its second decade of service, Legend Senior Living operates 20 residences across Kansas, Oklahoma, and Florida. All told, Legend Senior Living operates more than 1,000 living units in independent and assisted living communities, including memory care and nursing residences.

Legend Senior Living is a pioneer in the senior living industry, thanks to its strong values of servanthood, caring, and character. By building its management strategies and operations on these lofty principles, residents and their loved ones can expect to be treated with dignity, respect, and honesty.

Independent Living and Assisted Living Options

Residents who prefer the independent living options at Legend Senior Living communities can choose from an array of opportunities in which to enjoy their retirement years. From health and wellness workshops to religious services, communal recreation areas to off-site activities, the main goal at Legend is to live a healthy life the way you want. For those Legend Senior Living residents who need help in completing day-to-day tasks, there are assisted living options to choose from. Whether you need just a little assistance or a 24-hour helping hand, the staff at Legend Senior Living can assist.

Regardless of the level of assistance that a resident needs, the staff at Legend Senior Living is committed to treating all seniors with the highest quality of service and support, based on these principles: promoting the unique nature of residents; upholding their dignity with respect; supporting their independence; maintaining their right to privacy; fostering the needs of their families and friends; providing a supportive environment in which to live; forming strong partnerships with families and caregivers to ensure the best senior care plans; and maintaining a wide menu of choices for care, services, and lifestyle for all residents.

So what does independent living look like at Legend Senior Living? For starters, residents live in private apartments that feature kitchens and baths; meal plans are available, as are laundry and housekeeping services. Seniors who enjoy socializing and making new friends will enjoy spending time in beautiful common areas, like the fitness room. The staff is there to give support and enrichment to residents' daily lives, whether it is to schedule a doctor's appointment or provide transportation to a cultural event off campus.

Assisted living at Legend Senior Living is a bit more structured, but in a way that enhances, not hinders the lifestyle of residents. The staff at Legend work to provide a customized plan of assistance -- round the clock, if need be-- that allows residents to live safely and comfortably.

When it comes to lifestyle, Legend Senior Living ensures that all residents have choices, while maintaining dignity, privacy, individuality, and independence -- all in an environment that feels very much like home.

Memory Care and Nursing Care

It's not always an easy task to transition a family member to assisted living, especially when that loved one is suffering from Alzheimer's or other related dementias. At Legend Senior Living, however, a caring staff certainly does its utmost to ease the burden by providing many choices, enabling the best possible personalized care for memory care residents with unique needs.

The Reflections Program at Legend Senior Living enables staff to collaborate with the family and friends of residents to create a "Life History." This descriptive timeline notes momentous experiences in a person's life, as well as evokes his or her personality. This enables staff members to really get to know their patients, resulting in a bond that seems more friendly than clinical. By having such specific life details recorded, the patient's experiences become "shared" experiences, and therefore can help form the basis of fulfilling activities and communication that will help the residents feel very much at home.

At select Legend Senior Living communities, skilled nursing and rehabilitation is offered to help sustain the physical and emotional health of residents. A staff of nursing professionals provides round-the-clock care so that all residents can receive the care they need when they need it, including post-hospital and surgical care; coordination of doctors' appointments; pharmacy services; specialized diets; transportation; physical, occupational, or speech therapy; and regular health checkups.

The support of the nursing staff is not just available to residents. Legend Senior Living knows well that a good part of forming relationships with their residents is forming connections with families and caregivers as well. That is why the nursing care options at Legend include individualized programming to ensure that residents are receiving the best care for their unique needs and situations. Family counseling is also available so that everyone involved can achieve peace of mind now that their loved one has made the transition to an assisted living community.

Whether a resident needs intensive memory care or temporary nursing support, the caring staff at Legend Senior Living works to uphold the optimal level of independence and mobility for all residents. The result is a respectful, dignified environment in which seniors can live, which gives peace of mind to their family and loved ones.

Excellent Dining -- Without Reservations

At Legend Senior Living, Gold Leaf Dining makes meals an experience. Menus are designed and prepared in house by Gold Leaf Chefs. Traditional breakfasts include made-to-order items, and lunches and dinners are prepared just the way you like them and served by a courteous wait staff. The variety of food that is offered at Legend Senior Living is not only delicious, but it is also nutritious, so that residents can eat well and be well.

More Independence, More Free Time

Have you ever heard retirees say that they are busier now than they ever were when they were working or raising families? This is why Legend Senior Living has created Companion Care Services, which free up time in a busy retiree's life by providing personal assistance. Whether it's shopping, cleaning, or even decorating, Legend Senior Living can provide personalized services that allow tasks to be done more quickly and effectively, leaving our senior residents with more time to just live.

The Tailored Services program at Legend Senior Living offers flexible service options based on both personal needs and the style of apartment that is chosen. There is a base service option for people who need regular assistance at given times, or a tailored service option, which allows staff to work out a specific plan that provides assistance to residents whenever and however they need it.

So what can a retiree with some free time do at Legend Senior Living? In short: everything! The Life Enrichment Calendar is aptly named, as it is chock full of cultural and community events, classes and workshops, religious services, trips, and other outings -- not to mention plenty of time to learn or continue a new hobby.

Healthy Options for Healthy Living

There's a lot of talk about living well at Legend Senior Living, and rightly so. Resident Wellness is not an intermittent program; it is a daily way of life at Legend. The primary focus of the wellness staff is the overall health of seniors -- mind, body, and spirit. Therefore, all of residents' needs and interests are addressed in such a way that their holistic health is kept at optimal levels. From nutritional counseling to medication management, physical activity to spiritual and emotional support, the staff at Legend once again works directly with residents and their families to create programs that uphold dignity and maintain the highest quality of life possible.