An Introduction to Western Seniors Housing Inc.
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Founders: Vicki Clark Established: 2000
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About Western Seniors Housing Inc.

With 33 senior independent living communities across California, and close to a dozen under construction, Western Seniors Housing Inc. of Anaheim, California, is a property management service specializing in market rate and affordable housing for California seniors.

Western Seniors Housing's goal and mission is "to enhance the quality of life for residents of senior housing communities." The property management service achieves this goal through partnerships with multi-housing groups, lenders, and developers to create safe, affordable, and desirable properties for seniors on fixed incomes.

A Place For Everyone

Today's retirees may feel the pinch of our economy worse than those still in the workforce, as prices of everything from food to fuel and electricity go up and their incomes remain fixed. Finding affordable or market rate housing in a safe, comfortable and even beautiful independent living community doesn't have to be hard, though.

Of Western Seniors Housing's 33 independent living communities, 32 offer affordable housing for seniors who qualify under the Affordable Housing Act based on their annual gross income. California Senior Plaza in South Gate, Ca., offers independent living for seniors 55 and over at fair market rates for the area, while Heritage Park Senior Apartments in Anaheim offer both affordable housing and fixed rates apartments for seniors 55 and over.

Relieved of the burden of a mortgage, home maintenance bills, and many utility bills, seniors can enjoy the true freedom that comes with retirement in a Western Seniors Housing community, while surrounding themselves with a caring staff and a vibrant, friendly group of active retirees just like themselves.

Independent living arrangements at Western Seniors Housing is available for the following groups:

  • 55+ market rate housing (only at California Senior Plaza and Heritage Park Senior Apartments)
  • 55+ affordable housing
  • 62+ affordable housing

Features vary within each community, but every private one- or two-bedroom apartment is fully equipped with modern appliances, central A/C, plush carpeting, and is cable-ready. Many apartments feature private patios, balconies or decks and free high-speed Internet access. All Western Senior Living communities are pet-friendly, many with no stipulations, and all with no added monthly rent for pets. Handicap-accessible apartments are available.

Residents can enjoy the security of a gated community with on-site staff and security, all without sacrificing their independence in their own apartment.

Community Amenities

"Affordable housing" does not mean a life without beauty, amenities, and conveniences. In each of Western Senior Housing's 33 locations, residents enjoy an abundance of activities, the service of friendly, highly trained staff, and beautiful common areas to engage in spontaneous conversation, card games and companionship.

The luxurious community rooms create the perfect planned gathering spaces for private or community events, while the lush courtyards filled with gorgeous California foliage are perfect for a daytime or evening stroll within the safety of the community. Relax and enjoy movie night on the big screen TV or play games in the rec center/game room or billiard hall. There's plenty to keep busy and keep residents connected to others in the community.

Many locations provide free fitness centers, spas, swimming pools, computer labs, and libraries free for residents' use.

Many Western Senior Housing communities also provide free transportation to shopping, activities and attractions within their southern California community, or are located within easy walking distance of public transportation.

But some residents may not find many occasions, other than shopping, to leave the senior community for cultural programs and entertainment thanks to the rich offerings within the independent living community.

On-Site Education and Entertainment

In addition to on-site activities presented by the community staff, which include card games, barbecues, and movies, Western Seniors Living partners with EngAGE, a not-for-profit organization that presents arts, wellness, learning, and cultural programs for low-to-moderate income seniors.

Strongly multi-racial and cross-cultural, the organization offers programs led by college-level professionals at no cost. The programs run like college semesters, ending in culminating events that let participants showcase their newly developed skills through activities like arts shows, poetry readings, or the Experience Talks radio show.

All courses are taught on-site within the community, free of charge, and are also open to seniors within the surrounding area if there is space available.

Lifestyle Living Options

Western Seniors Housing communities are designed for individuals and couples 55 or 62 years of age and older, depending on the community. Any additional residents within the apartment must be 45 or over. These are independent living communities for adults who want an easier way of life, with fewer homeowner responsibilities, and a host of amenities right outside their door, all in a comfortable, affordable apartment home.

Western Seniors Housing partners with Life Steps Foundation to provide home-based and outpatient health care services through some Western Seniors Housing communities. Life Steps' Adult Day Health Care programs offer medication management, on-site nursing, door-to-door transportation, and hot meal delivery. These services permit individuals at Western Seniors Housing communities to remain in their own apartments, living independently, for a few more years, where, without these services, residents may need to move to an assisted living environment.

Through the Hope Alzheimer Resource Centers, Life Steps Foundation offers treatment and memory care for Alzheimer's and dementia patients, as well as support and information for caregivers, within Western Seniors Housing communities.

For residents who may need temporary rehabilitation services or special care following an injury or accident, Tender Loving Care Home Services steps in to deliver the support needed so individuals can remain in their homes. These services are provided free to qualified residents of certain Western Seniors Housing communities.