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User Reviews

11/02/2018  -  An Interested Visitor Writes:

Really did not enjoy my experience there as a staff . Long story but I’ll shorten it I got no call back and I did not get to express my true feelings about one of the Supervisors
Who was in my opinion extremely rude and had a bad attitude and it’s not ok .. I’m a very nice person everyone got along with me there EVERYONE DID the clients loved me .. and this was said by the owner to me on the phone and the clients also told me . And none of my coworkers had an issue with only one for no reason . I understand life is stressful but you should never take your frustrations out on the people who lend you there Services ..I have never and will never take my frustrations .. and all of this happen with in a month one month it’s ridiculous the owner did not know me well so she should not have much to say about me but I was never rude to her not ONE TIME ..I’m just saying you need to revaluate someone you have working there .. again this is all my opinion sense I was not given the chance to express them when I never got a call back to come back and work I was waiting and waiting and got nothing and also before you hire somebody if you here something about someone who had the same name as me I would have pefer you come to me insteadgoing to a peer of mines even though what ever was said came out not to be me and I was still Taken of the schedule because you claim you did not want a individual seeing me on the schedule if I knew this was going to go on I would have pefer you not waste my time and hire me at all because haf I known I was going to be there for only a month and received the bad attitude that I got from a certain individual .I would have never applied that’s one and I would have told that individual not to not talk to me in such a Asinine Condescending way.. I was trying my best there like I always do in life WITH A SMILE AND A POSITIVE ATTITUDE to the point one morning I had everything done before the Supervisor came in at that point i was sick of her attitude and I was not speaking to her UNLESS it had something to do with the job the side talks I was done with .. even The day before my last day I told my Shift leader that I had school coming up she told me I needed to fill something out with an attitude and rolled her eyes so I proceeded to do that again trying to keep my cool and remain professional and also I thought I was tripping when I sense she was having a bad attitude all morning until one of the clients ask her if she was ok you seemed upset so that spoke volumes and Automatically justified My provoking thoughts so I filled it out hang it up and she ran to the store to get stuff then came back and ask me to help help her so I did and she going to question me if I switched schools THAT IS NON OF YOUR BUSINESS! idk if I answered her or not I was ready to leave then that’s when I left I went home and thought about the day and I was getting very tired of her having a attitude with me so I called a friend told her about it and I was really mad and irritated I’m not going to go in detail of what my friend and I talked about because it’s nobody business.. but I made up my mind after that phone call that I was extremely done conversing Trying to be nice all of that is out the window now so the nexts morning I came in and I immediately started working even tho I was not on the clock but I was very irritated and mad so I knew I needed to get this stuff done before she comes in and start being rude so everyone eats breakfast the lunches are done packed and ready to go and the dishes was half way done and she came in I was washing dishes I remember it like it was yesterday she ask one of the Clients under her breath did you eat and the client said yes she was trying to look for something to complain to me about I’m not stupid none of the clients was giving her the answer she was looking for until one of them came up and tried to give me a plate and BOOM that was her bingo she going to come up to me and say WELL WE DONT LET THEM COME UP. . I did not make eye contact with her I nodded my head yes MIND you I did not say one word to her when she came in you can’t acquit or come to a conclusion of somebody being rude if they are not talking to you you don’t know what could have been wrong with me that day I could have been tired or just did not feel like speaking Unless it had something to do with the job that’s how it should be run anyways at the end of the day do your job! We are there to get a job done not and make sure we are providing the best care for the people living here that day I was actually Concentrating to hurry and finish everything because I was already irritated with the shift leader but I gave her any inclination that I was irritated or upset because when she told me something I still nodded my head yes or no I had no look on my face nothing! I was not being rude to her at allllllllll again just because someone is not speaking does not mean anything I did not say hi to her walking in remember when I said I was Concentrating that’s what I was doing washing the dishes so the day goes on everything was done in the hands of me I did so good that day I was golden!!!! I worked fast and finished everything to the point there was nomore for me to do I mop the floors clean the bathrooms clean the kitchen and the rooms all the clients was gone already so I just stayed far away from her tbh I’m not going to lie and I guess she picked up I was not as talkative like I was the day prior And I was avoiding her which I was .. because I was at my breaking point if she say one more thing I’m going to have to go off on her .. but I did not do all of that again and I will keep saying I had no look on my face no bad attitude that day I hid my anger very veryyyy well so she can’t say I was rude the only thing she can say is that I seemed different today and that same day the owner calls and I guess she tells her that I’m not speaking as much idk if she told her that I was having an attitude but if she did she is liying because AGAIN!!! me not speaking does not mean I have an attitude or anything!!!!!!!!! But I was told to leave early and even when she told me I can go home for the day I still had a fake positive attitude and answered her nicely before I left they gave me a paper to start a class for the medication pass out class that was a requirements that I didn’t half coming into this job but the owner told me it was OK and still hired me smh ... and told me that they will set up a class for me to go and achieved that requirement I was not everrrr told the date I was going to start this class until I told the shift leader That I was starting school on the 15 of April and she going to have an attitude ok but you start the medicine class on the 21 I forgot what day she said but it was in the month of April so I’m thinking ok so when was you going to tell me this ?????? The owner did not tell me anything nor did you buy I kept that thought to myself so back to the story so she gives me the papers and I was about to leave until the onset called my phone and half way of us talking on three way her voice cuts out so I did not hear her say you need to call me as soon as you leave and the shift leader should have known I was not ignoring the owner because I kept saying hello and said to the shift leader I can not hear her Abd she going to have a snappy attitude and tell me THE BOSS IS TALKING TO YOU !! She did not yell at me I’m just giving the best bad attitude Impersonation and I guess she hung up little did I know that was May last say I had three days off and I went to go pick up my check on the 1 of April and looked at the seclude and noticed I was off the schedule So I redd the shift leader Tex’s her and said what’s going on I got no response then I reach out the owner a few days later trying to give the shift leader the benefit of the doubt of thinking ok she must be busy have a full schedule And on the go go go go .. so I waited... waited ... waited ... nothing I Tex’s the owner and told her I reached out to the supervisor aka the shift leader and she did not return my Tex’s so she calls me and we start talking and I said I was wondering why I was off the schedule And she going to say well that’s why I told you to call me back .. first off all I did not hear that part I’m not about to repeat why again I already said it not to long ago why in the review and so we talking and what not and she basically tells me she took me off the schedule .. to basically hiding me from someone coming to visit because allegedly she heard something about someone who had my same name as me or whatever so she was putting me on call she never once!! Mention until I SAID IT that I was taken off because I needed to do the class not one time until I said it first ! So we get on the subject About the my shift leader and she ask what is going on with her and I so I told her and she asked why did you not call me ????? First of all you get upset every time someone calls you and let’s keep it 100 your going to be bias and take her side before mines so my words will mean nothing and that’s facts and there was another thing to in between the walls that kept me from calling you and I told you what is was so don’t twitch your eyebrows up and try and play the memory game on what it was I told you anyways because I’m starting to get upset talking about it so I’m hurry up and rap this up she basically told me that the Shift leader saw me as a son and was treating me that way because she knew I can do better???? Ok first off of all I know I have a baby face but I’m am not nobody son I’m am an adult so that does not!! Give you any reason to talk to me the way you did so they way I got it was ok so she was being rude on purpose Because the owner had quick answer NOT EVEN DENYING THE FACT SHE DID HAVE AN ATTITUDE you gave me a reason on why she was and the reason was not good because she did not treat anybody else the way she did me because I did some asking around but that nor here nor in Texas and btw don’t say you was trying to reach out to me because you was not the class started in April and ended on the last day of March and I STILL got no call after that or even the whole month of April or March to see how I was doing in the class how is it going you gave me nothing good thing I did not go because I knew there was some funny things going on behind my back but even after April and March five months went by and still nothing no call NOTHING just imagine if I went to that class that you said you will pay me for it which I found out allegedly you would not have my transportation is uber and I was running short on money so thank god I did not go because I would have wasted allll my money on traveling over there just to finish and not get paid for it and slightly let go from my job ??? I’m pretty sure I can sue for that and that would have been the case or state and corporate would have been called have been called because the money that I had left over I worked my tail off for that cash .. at my other job I would have been using the money from my other job to travel because I only got paid once at this job and the whole time I been there and remember when I said the last day I picked up my checked was my last day of working there so I blocked both of their numbers and I’m making this review because I feel I was used for a temporary time that I had no idea and about and also you wasted my time everything in this review is true none of it’s a lie if I did not know something I said allegedly to protect my self I said no names not one time so so I’m safe on that as well and this is also a review so I can speak about my experience and give my thoughts with out stepping outside of California laws and with out exploding peoples names I’m pretty sure you guys know who this is as you should just know I was a great employee you lost a very respectful,nice, hardworking , down to earth , funny , non bias , someone willing to work over time for you and etc. I wish you and your business the best you just need to reevaluate who you have working for you and also how you speak to your employees who’s Offering their services thank you ..

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    Number of Beds : 4

    Anderson Adult Home Iii, located in Victorville, California provides the following services: Assisted Living and Micro-Community. Anderson Adult Home Iii has an average user review rating of 1 star. Anderson Adult Home Iii has a very good hospital, Desert Valley Hospital, located nearby, which scored a 86 out of 100 in its most recent Medicare review. The Anderson Adult Home Iii's nearest hospital is 6 miles away. The zipcode (92392) in California, where Anderson Adult Home Iii is located, has an average safety rating based on recent crime statistics. A more detailed description of the types of care for Anderson Adult Home Iii can be found here.

    ANDERSON ADULT HOME III is an assisted living facility. Assisted living facilities are an apartment-style habitat designed to focus on providing assistance with daily living activities. They provide a higher level of service for the elderly which can include preparing meals, housekeeping, medication assistance, laundry, and also do regular check-in's on the residents. Basically, they are designed to bridge the gap between independent living and nursing home facilities. When thinking about how to pay for care, assisted living facilities are generally less expensive than nursing homes, if assisted living is a viable option for your loved one.

    Also, ANDERSON ADULT HOME III is a Micro community, which means it is a smaller senior community. Some people prefer it for its smaller less institutional setting.

    Source: SNAPforSeniors, Inc.

    Demographic Profile for VICTORVILLE, CA, 92392


    Male Population
    Female Population
    Median Age
    30.1 Years
    Average Household Income

    Cost Of Living
    Compared to the National Average

    5% Below
    Cost of Food
    13% Above
    1% Below
    11% Above

    Provided By EPA; Closer to 100 is better

    Air Quality
    1 / 100
    Water Quality
    48 / 100
    Superfund Sites
    10 / 100
    Physicians per 100k

    Annual Crime

    Violent Crimes
    Property Crimes