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How to Convince Your Aging Loved One That Driving Is No Longer Safe

This article suggests approaches to discussing driving hazards and alternate transportation options with your aging parent or loved one.


What to Do When Your Loved One Has a Food Allergy

Resources available at all levels of senior living to ensure that your loved one can avoid contact with food allergens.


How to Celebrate Self-Improvement Month in a Senior Living Community

September is Self-Improvement Month. Learn how you can help your parent or loved one celebrate in their senior living community.


When Your Parent Blames You for Assisted Living

Just because your parent needs Assisted Living, that doesn’t mean they have to like it. What can you do when your parent blames you for the move?


When You Can No Longer Afford Skilled Nursing

Solutions for residents who cannot afford the high cost of Skilled Nursing out of pocket.


When Your Parent Won’t Accept Help

Strategies for breaking down resistance when your aging parent won’t accept help.


Coordinating a Long-Distance Senior Move

Learn how to move your parent or loved one to a senior living community that is far from their current home.


How to Stay Young

An extremely eye-catching title! Why? Because it touches upon a question that people have tried to answer for millennia. The centuries continue to pass as scientists, explorers, doctors, and entrepreneurs search for the miracle of how to stay young. Let’s


Signs Your Loved One Needs More Visitors in Their Senior Community

Learn ways to recognize your parent or loved one needs more visitors from family and friends in their senior living community.


Relocating a Loved One to Skilled Nursing

Learn how to make the transition from an elder-care community to Skilled Nursing easier with this simple checklist.

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