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When Is It Time to Move Your Parents to Assisted Living?

when to move parents to assisted living

When to move your parents to assisted living — it’s a question faced by a growing number of adult children, and it’s not an easy one to answer.

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#ElderCareChat 4/18/15 Recap: Hoarding Among Seniors & Caregivers


Review highlights from our #ElderCareChat conversation on the complexities of clutter, and how to help — while showing respect and compassion — to hoarders.

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What You Need to Know About Medicare Home Care Benefits


“There’s a misconception among beneficiaries and families that Medicare is going to pay for more than it does,” says Jeffrey S. Pine, MS, MSPH, CMC, founding director of EGIS Care and Support LLC in Santa Fe, N.M.

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Appetite Stimulants for the Elderly: Insight into Reasons Behind Appetite Loss

Grind Dining Thanksgiving Dinner

Older adults sometimes experience a loss of appetite that may adversely affect their health. Even foods they once loved no longer seem appealing.

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The Best Anti-Aging Tips for Your Skin

best anti aging

Board-certified dermatologist Jill Waibel, MD, offers anti-aging tips and product recommendations for healthy, younger-looking skin.

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#ElderCareChat 4/1/15 Recap: Senior Nutrition


During Wednesday’s live discussion, 45 new and returning participants debunked senior nutrition myths, discussed the value of services like Meals on Wheels and congregate meals, dialogued about the importance of caregiver nutrition, and shared their favorite nutrition resources and recipe websites.

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How to Relieve Arthritis Pain: Natural Ways to Treat Arthritis


With one in five adults suffer from arthritis, finding ways to manage the disease will provide relief for millions of Americans. A variety of treatment options and lifestyle choices exist that will help alleviate arthritic pain naturally.

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Assisted Living Grants: HUD Senior Housing Made Affordable

assisted living grants

In 2014, HUD awarded $17 million in assisted living grants. Find out how to cash in here.

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Dementia and Mental Illness: Is Dementia a Psychiatric Disorder?


Depending upon which authority you consult, you may see dementia classified as an illness, disorder or set of symptoms that characterize a condition.

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How You Can Help Seniors Avoid Social Isolation – An Actionable Plan

social isolation

Connie Chow, founder of DailyCaring LLC, reports that social isolation among seniors occurs when minimal interaction with other people prevents them from developing close or fulfilling relationships.

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#ElderCareChat Recap 3/18/15: Solving the Financial Conundrums of Caregiving


Caregiving can be costly. This week, #ElderCareChat participants brainstormed solutions for these financial challenges.

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Early Warning Signs of Dementia

signs of dementia

Don’t write off memory loss as a “senior moment.”

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Aging With Dignity: Five Wishes


“The main purpose of Five Wishes is to help people get the dignified care that they want when they need it the most,” says Paul Malley, president of Aging With Dignity.

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Best Cities to Retire on the Cheap in 2015

best cities to retire

How did Madison, Wisconsin, and Iowa City, Iowa, top the list of the best cities to retire?

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Low Acid Coffee for a GERD Diet

low acid coffee for GERD

When you’ve been drinking coffee for decades, the three words you hate to hear from your doctor are “Cut out coffee.” Here are some low acid coffee options.

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#ElderCareChat 3/4/15 Recap: Ways to Creatively Care

ideas for creative caregiving

Review highlights from this week’s conversation about ways to infuse creativity into daily caregiving tasks and routines.

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