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: Top Tips for Family Meetings

Senior Living Strategizing: Top Tips for Family Meetings

A social worker’s advice on senior living conversations that provide a satisfying outcome for everyone.

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Benefits for the veteran's spouse

Benefits for the Veteran’s Spouse

The surviving spouses of wartime veterans may not realize it, but they are eligible for a Veteran’s Aid and Attendance pension benefit.

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ElderCareChat 6/21/17 with Caregiver Action Network

Join #ElderCareChat on June 21, 2017: Making Caregiving a Family Affair

The next #ElderCareChat will feature guest panelist Mark Gibbons, director of programs and operations for the Caregiver Action Network.

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#ElderCareChat recap 5/17/17: Self-Care for Caregivers

#ElderCareChat 5/17/17 Recap: Self-Care for Caregivers

The May 17, 2017 session of #ElderCareChat focused on self-care for caregivers and featured guest panelists from the American Psychological Association.

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When Mom and Dad Need Memory Care

When Mom and Dad Need Memory Care

It’s hard to see someone you love suffering from a decline in memory and cognition — and it’s particularly painful when it happens to your own parents.

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Having Everyone Play a Part in Caregiving

Having Everyone Play a Part in Caregiving

Out-of-town siblings can research and line up these programs for their parent and at the same time give their in-town sibling a break.

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Senior Living for Couples

Senior Living for Couples

For couples who have spent a lifetime together, the concept of living apart can be entirely unwelcome. How can spouses stay together in senior living?

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It Time for Hospice Care?

Is It Time for Hospice Care?

Many of us assume hospice care is reserved for the last days of life — but these holistic services are actually designed to provide support for several months.

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preparing for the progression of dementia 2

Preparing for the Progression of Dementia

In preparing for dementia, be aware that it progresses through seven distinct stages, from normal to very severe. Learn more…

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15 Inspiring Insights on Aging

15 Inspiring Insights on Aging

“With age comes wisdom” is more than just an adage; it’s an almost universally accepted truth.

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