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How to Prepare for a Great Retirement


Retirement may seem like it’s far off in the distance, but then all of a sudden, it creeps up right alongside you. That’s why it’s best to prepare early for your retirement years—financially, physically, and mentally.

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Handhelds for the Elderly: Helping Your Parents Stay Connected With Technology


What this technology has accomplished for my mom and a growing number of other older adults is the ability to stay connected with their family and friends.

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What Does the Geriatrician Medicine Shortage Mean for You?

geriatrician shortage

“Every senior should have a geriatrician, and they are few and far between,” says Connie Smith, director of health and wellness at Mercy Ridge Retirement Community.

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How to Intervene in Cases of Elder Abuse

elder abuse

Elder abuse is a crime — and it must be treated as such.

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Grandparents: 5 Ways To Forge Closer Ties With Your Grandchildren


“There’s a lot of research that shows what advantages there are to a grandchild having a good relationship with a grandparent,” says Vern L. Bengtson, PhD,

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5 Things to Do Before Placing Your Loved One in Assisted Living

move to assisted living

How to ease the transition and make the move to assisted living as seamless as possible.

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Understanding Causes and Preventions of Vascular Dementia


“Vascular dementia is cognitive impairment that is caused by inadequate blood supply to the brain,” says Dr. Ipsit V. Vahia, Director of Research, Senior Behavioral Health, Stein Institute for Research on Aging, at the University of California, San Diego.

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#ElderCareChat 8/5/15 Recap: Social Isolation Among Seniors and Caregivers

are you legally responsible for your parents' care

A summary of this week’s #ElderCareChat conversation about social isolation: why it happens, how to prevent it, and how to intervene.

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What To Do If Your Parent Is a Hoarder


Even at a moderate level, hoarding can be disruptive to an individual’s life and the lives of family members around them. In its most extreme form, the clutter and chaos can cause a threat to health and safety.

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New Approaches to Dementia Care

approaches to dementia care

“Dementia does not define our residents,” says Kim Butrum, MS, RN, GNP, senior vice president of clinical services at Silverado.

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Will Brain Games Make You Smarter?

brain games for seniors

According to Dennis Fortier of Brain Today, “Not all brain activities are equal.”

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Strength Training for Seniors


To stave off some of the effects of aging, older adults would be wise to make strength training part of their regular exercise routine.

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Managing Conflict About Parents’ Care

When Siblings Disagree About Their

It’s important to have a plan in place for managing conflict among siblings who disagree about their parents’ care. Here’s what you need to know.

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When Should I Hire a Professional Elder Care Advocate?

elder care advocate

The unfortunate reality is that in many scenarios — even in elder care — money talks.

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Diminished Eyesight Among Seniors: What to Know and How to Respond

low vision

When your eyesight begins to fail as a result of age-related conditions, it’s tempting to feel like all hope is lost for your vision.

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Understanding Medication Side Effects


While prescription drugs provide a multitude of benefits such as alleviating pain or controlling high blood pressure, it’s important to be aware of potential side effects that may ultimately thwart the intended purpose of taking such drugs in the first place.

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