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Between the Lines of Storytelling Therapy

storytelling therapy

Storytelling can be engaging and even therapeutic for anyone, with significant benefits for seniors — particularly when the tales are personal.

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#ElderCareChat 5/20/15 Recap: Brain Fitness and Healthy Aging


A summary of this week’s discussion on techniques, tools and tips for maintaining your brain and body as you age.

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Music Therapy Activities for Adults

music therapy activities for adults

Music therapy for seniors involves more than just turning on the oldies station in a nursing home.

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The Benefits of Art Therapy for Seniors

art therapy for seniors

The arts are well known for their life-giving, soul-restoring, undeniably therapeutic effects for people of all ages.

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What Should Be on Your Moving Packing List for Assisted Living?


Most communities give residents a good deal of discretion about what items they can bring into their new assisted living situation.

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#ElderCareChat 5/6/15 Recap: Stressful Caregiving Scenarios and Solutions


Summarizing this week’s conversation about solutions to some of the most common — and stress-inducing — caregiving scenarios.

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3 Tech Tools for Lonely Seniors: Helping the Elderly Stay Connected

seniors and technology

Seniors often become isolated and lonely when they can’t easily go out and see family or friends. Help the elderly you love stay connected with these three easy-to-use tech tools.

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Natural Remedies for Glaucoma

natural remedies for glaucoma

Do natural remedies for glaucoma really work?

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Early Signs of Parkinson’s Disease


There are five stages of Parkinson’s disease, with the first stage being characterized by fairly mild symptoms affecting only one side of the body.

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Group Therapy Activities for Adults With Mental Illness or Dementia


For elderly individuals with mental illness or dementia, group therapy activities can produce positive effects. Everything from music to art to storytelling can engage a group of older adults, providing much-needed socialization to counter negative mental conditions.

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What You Need to Know About VA Nursing Homes

VA nursing homes

Avoid getting wait-listed at a VA nursing home. Here’s how…

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When Is It Time to Move Your Parents to Assisted Living?

when to move parents to assisted living

When to move your parents to assisted living — it’s a question faced by a growing number of adult children, and it’s not an easy one to answer.

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#ElderCareChat 4/18/15 Recap: Hoarding Among Seniors & Caregivers


Review highlights from our #ElderCareChat conversation on the complexities of clutter, and how to help — while showing respect and compassion — to hoarders.

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What You Need to Know About Medicare Home Care Benefits


“There’s a misconception among beneficiaries and families that Medicare is going to pay for more than it does,” says Jeffrey S. Pine, MS, MSPH, CMC, founding director of EGIS Care and Support LLC in Santa Fe, N.M.

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Appetite Stimulants for the Elderly: Insight into Reasons Behind Appetite Loss

Grind Dining Thanksgiving Dinner

Older adults sometimes experience a loss of appetite that may adversely affect their health. Even foods they once loved no longer seem appealing.

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The Best Anti-Aging Tips for Your Skin

best anti aging

Board-certified dermatologist Jill Waibel, MD, offers anti-aging tips and product recommendations for healthy, younger-looking skin.

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