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The Best Nursing Homes in the U.S.

There are over 25,000 nursing homes in the U.S. About 16,000 accept government funding via Medicare or Medicaid. As of December 2008, Medicare has created a 5 star rating system to try and rate the various nursing homes. While there are some opponents to the system, it is currently the only, unbiased rating system for nursing homes in the U.S, and as such it is an excellent tool for those family …Read more ›

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OurParents Launches The Internet’s Largest Independent Directory Of Senior Care Providers.

The over 100,000 complimentary facility reports, a $25 to $90 value, feature detailed comparisons and user reviews for each facility, as OurParents attacks the flawed business practices among the current senior care internet businesses with OurParents’ pro-senior / pro-family offerings.

Washington, DC (July 23, 2009) – People searching for care for their aging parents find almost no independent advice about senior care facilities online.  Often, these families are drawn to misleading sites whose sole …Read more ›

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California’s new budget may force seniors who receive in-home care support to go to Nursing Homes

California’s $26.3 billion budget deficit is marginalizing seniors who rely on California state-provided health care and service to help them manage their lives.

“One endangered program is in-home support services for more than 400,000 elderly and disabled. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has proposed cutting those services for all but the most severe cases, which could force many who are now independent to move into nursing homes. … Flora Mae King of San Bernadino turned 102 last …Read more ›

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Are You Legally Responsible for Your Parents’ Care?

are you legally responsible for your parents' care

are you legally responsible for your parents'  careThere will come a day when your aging parent may need someone to handle his or her care, and that someone will very likely be you. In fact, many adult children expect that such a day will come when they must assume responsibility for their parents’ well being. After all, that’s the circle of life, and morally …Read more ›

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Congestive Heart Failure in the Elderly

congestive heart failure in the elderly

congestive heart failure in the elderlyCongestive heart failure (CHF) is a progressive disease that causes weakening of the heart and the cardiovascular system. It develops when the heart is unable to pump enough blood to meet the demands of the body’s other organs. CHF is a progressive disorder that not only affects the heart, but other organs such as the lungs, the kidneys. …Read more ›

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Dealing with health providers when you are caring for an aging parent is never easy, but persistence pays off

Here is a sample of the emails we get from people dealing with the care of their parents.  We see how frustrating the experience can be at time (given the complexity of issues), and just how dedicated and persistent family members can be when it comes to the care of their loved ones!

“Caring for aging parent is much more difficult than I ever imagined. I’m sure everyone needs all the …Read more ›

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To CCRC or not to CCRC… That is the $500,000 Question.

In 2000, Jane Gross’ mother was to come back to New York to live with her children as her health started to fail. What started with this premise quickly became an ordeal for Jane. As her mother was transitioning away from independent living towards assisted living, questions became more and more complicated. While she hoped to go to a continued care retirement community (CCRC), she was daunted by the costs.
CCRC’s do cost a lot …Read more ›

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