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Adult Family Homes – The Way Some Seniors Get Exploited In The State Of Washington

Adult family homes are springing up all over the nation. While there are many great homes out there, the explosive growth, has also been fueled by some profiteers and a lack of careful state regulation, is leaving thousands of people vulnerable to harm……
High quality care facilities for seniors, often have waiting lists. As a result, spouses often look to adult family homes as an alternative. A good idea in principle, it opens the door …Read more ›

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When Elder Care Brings Back Sibling Tensions

FRANCINE RUSSO has an article in this week’s Time magazine. She weaves her own personal story with some interesting research –

“When my mother’s health was failing, I was the “bad” sister who lived far away and wasn’t involved. My sister helped my parents. She never asked me to do anything, and I didn’t volunteer. I was widowed, raising kids and working, but that wasn’t really why I kept to weekly calls and short, …Read more ›

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Overweight and Old? You Are Less Likely To Die Than Those Of “Normal” Weight (Study Says)

Overweight’ Adults Age 70 Or Older Are Less Likely To Die Over A 10 Year Period Than Those Of ‘Normal’ Weight

Adults aged over 70 years who are classified as overweight are less likely to die over a ten year period than adults who are in the ‘normal’ weight range, according to a new study published today in the Journal of The American Geriatrics Society.

Researchers looked at data taken over a decade among more than 9,200 …Read more ›

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Survey: Over 25% of Seniors 50+ Spend Over 8 Hours a Week Online

A new survey released last month by Harris Interactive shows that adults between the ages of 50 and 65 spend an average of 15 hours a week online, more time than the average of the 18-24 year olds surveyed.  The survey of 2,029 adults showed that seniors over the age of 65 spend an average of 8 hours a week online, with only 4% of those surveyed saying they are online less than one …Read more ›

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Increased Co-payments For Doctor Visits Boost Health Care Costs For Seniors

According to the New England Journal of Medicine–  Increased Ambulatory Care Copayments And Hospitalizations Among The Elderly – This study examines the consequences of increasing copayments for outpatient care of Medicare enrollees in managed-care plans. “As compared with matched control plans in which copayments for ambulatory care were unchanged, Medicare plans that increased these copayments by an average of 95% for primary care and 74% for specialty care had a reduction in the number of outpatient visits …Read more ›

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Top Eight List to Help an Elderly Parent Before Crisis

Dale of Transition Aging Parents has a nice post today listing the top 10 things to do to help an aging parent BEFORE a crisis ensues.

He quotes from an interview with  Julie Hall (”The Estate Lady”) who is  an estate expert and certified personal property appraiser, and who has spent her life helping families deal with their “parents’ lifetime accumulation of stuff”.

The following are 8 tips Julie shared to help us be proactive …Read more ›

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Are Reverse Mortgages The Next Subprime?

The Mortgage Professor (Jack Guttentag) of the Washington Post says: No.

Reverse mortgages are for seniors who don’t have enough spendable income to meet their needs but do have equity in their homes, which they don’t mind depleting for their own use rather than leaving it for their heirs. For reasons not clear to me, reverse mortgages are being bad-mouthed by an unlikely source: consumer groups that are supposed to represent the interest of consumers …Read more ›

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Could Not Having Your Wishes Carried Out Be Worse than Death?

Living Wills –

While the death and mourning of a loved one is difficult for any family, what’s worse is if your loved one does not communicate in written or oral ways how to carry out their wishes when they die. Elder law attorneys say most people know that such documents exist and just haven’t completed them.

“Advance health care directives include 1) documents that provide instructions concerning health care wishes (often called “living wills”); and …Read more ›

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When Should You Buy A Long Term Care (LTC) Insurance Policy?

The younger you purchase a policy the more likely that you will pay less, not only in the short term, but over the course of your life.  If you have a policy and pay the premiums, you are guaranteed coverage for life.  An important concern with these polices is the ability to continue to afford the policy both today and into retirement, so dealing with a company that specializes in long term care can …Read more ›

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Doctors And Family Not Good At Detecting Alzheimer’s And Dementia

Bob Demarco of  The Alzheimer’s Reading Room,  has a post today about the difficulties of detecting Alzheimer’s disease.

When most people think of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, they think of memory loss. The image in their mind is of someone laying in a bed, unable to recall their loved one’s name. This is the end stage and sometimes comes a decade or more after the initial diagnosis.

The inability of physicians and family to recognize …Read more ›

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