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Charities Grant Wishes to Underprivileged Seniors

Getting older doesn’t mean dreaming goes out the window. Though dreams may change. When your mom was 15, she probably didn’t wish for a home safety device. But now, she may well dream of staying in her home a little longer. And something as simple as a new shower may help her do that more safely. If only the money were there.

The New Old Age, a blog from The New York Times, reports on …Read more ›

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Aging in Place: Tips to Identify Safety Problems

When evaluating whether your aging parent’s home is safe for their evolving needs, perhaps the first thing to do is find problems, rather than solutions.

That’s what Dynamic Living, Inc., suggests anyway. They’re a company that sells products for independent living. Instead of compiling a checklist of things to make sure your parents have, they’ve come up with a questionnaire to help you find problems first. They explain:

The idea is to be proactive rather than …Read more ›

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Rides for Seniors: How Your Parents Can Remain Mobile When the Car Keys Are Taken Away

When your aging parents have to give up their car keys, you may worry about their social life and independence. While there’s no substitute for being able to hop in the car when you want, there are services that help seniors in this predicament.

The above organizations were mentioned by the LA Times blog Booster Shots and ABC News, respectively, when reporting on recent changes in senior …Read more ›

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How to Help Your Parents With the Emotional Stress of Moving

Whatever senior care option you’re leaning toward, if it involves your parents moving, you may need to keep an eye on their emotional health, says senior advisor and professional organizer Colleen Smart, at the Eldercare ABC blog. Moving can trigger sadness, stress and anxiety. But loved ones can help make the move easier, she says.

Smart offers a few tips to help your parents before, during and after the move, to …Read more ›

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What Is Assisted Living? Who It’s Right—and Wrong—For

Assisted living sounds like a catch-all phrase for any type of long-term care. But it actually refers to a specific type of arrangement: living independently in a facility, in which you receive some assistance. It’s an option between living at home and in a nursing home.

The blog Smart Senior explains more about what you should expect—and not expect—from an assisted living facility.

According to Smart Senior, assisted living may be right for seniors who are:

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How and why seniors should beat the heat

In the summer months, when the temperature rises, a caregiver might think it’s a good idea to have a loved one go outside and get fresh air. Before they make that decision, they should consider the person’s age and fitness, says Dr. AJ Smally, Chief of Emergency Medicine at Hartford Hospital. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that over the past three decades, over 8,000 people have died as a result of …Read more ›

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Senior Living Activities 102

Senior Living Activities 102

Senior Living Activities 102In my previous post, Activities 101, I discussed some of the basics in planning activities for senior living community residents (come to think of it, many of these ideas/principles can be applied to the home setting/senior visits too). Here a few ideas, a few more planning tips, and some web resources to peruse… …Read more ›

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Nursing Homes: 4 Things You Need to Know When Searching or Moving In

Some nursing homes have a lot to hide, suggests SmartMoney‘s article “10 Things Nursing Homes Won’t Tell You.” Within the sometimes scathing review lie a few tips that might help as you search for one of the many good nursing homes—or move your parents into one.

1. Aide ratio is important. Ideally, says an expert quoted in the article, it should be no more than three people per aide during a meal and five …Read more ›

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OurParents Launches First Easy-To-Understand Scoring System For Comparing In-Home Senior Care Providers

Company takes complex information from Medicare and creates a five star rating system for families using the free service at to use to help compare in-home senior care options.

Reston, VA (PRWEB) April 21, 2010 — In-home senior care, in many situations, can prove to be a great answer for families with an aging loved one. The challenge is finding the right provider among the many options …Read more ›

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Assisted Living Community Activities 101

Assisted Living Community Activities 101

Assisted Living Community Activities 101I’ve been getting comments as recently as this month on a blog I posted last February (2009!) about ideas for activities in senior living communities. The overwhelming number of responses and depth of the continuing discussions prompted me to write a new post on the subject and get some feedback …Read more ›

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