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Aging Veterans: Where to Find Help Paying for Elder Care

Happy Memorial Day.

In honor of this occasion, we’re focusing on veterans. Experts report that many aging veterans and their caregivers don’t know about a benefit that can help them pay for services such as home care, nursing home care and assisted living. It’s called the Aid and Attendance benefit—part of the Improved Pension program.

While the Aid and Attendance benefit is extremely helpful, there are strict eligibility requirements regarding income, assets, need and service. …

The …Read more ›

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Caring for a Parent With Alzheimer’s: Family Reveals What It’s Like

In their series Growing Old, Along With Us, WHAS11 News in Louisville, Ky., profiles families caring for aging parents. Their most recent installment shows what it’s like when the parent has Alzheimer’s disease.

In the video, which you can watch below, the adult children deal with an Alzheimer’s episode of confusion and paranoia, remind Dad how to shave and take medicine, and show the gadgets they’ve gotten to make sure he’s safe. They also care …Read more ›

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Women and Elder Care: Know What You’re Getting Into, Author Says

Women balancing a career and children need to know what they’re getting into before bringing aging parents into the mix, says Laurel Kennedy, author of The Daughter Trap: Taking Care of Mom and Dad … and You.” Below, you can watch her interview on Good Day Xtra.

Seventy percent of what we call the heavy lifting—the really hands on, if you will, of elder care—is performed by women. … The …Read more ›

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Aging in Place Groups: Where to Get Help Finding Help

Aging in place—growing old in your own home—can require a lot of work. Maybe the bathroom needs remodeling for safety. Who’s a trustworthy contractor? Or your aging parents need in-home care. Which agency is the best? How about getting around? Will they be stuck in the house now that they can’t drive?

As people across the country face these questions more and more, groups have been popping up to help. A recent …Read more ›

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Aging in Place: Law Raises Costs for Remodeling Older Homes

A new law may increase your aging parents’ remodeling costs by up to 15 percent, says independent-living consultant Patrician Nunan. Houses built before 1978 are subject to new lead regulations, she writes on her blog Lifestyle Design.

Aging in place—living in your own home as you get older—often requires remodeling for safety reasons. Bathrooms, for example, may need more accessible showers. Often, remodeling can actually be a cost saver—less pricey than, say, moving into a …Read more ›

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A new therapy for cancer patients?

Imagine that you have an advanced stage of cancer and have chronic pain because of chemotherapy treatments. You have tried conventional ways of absolving the pain and haven’t been successful.  The Calmare Pain Therapy from Competitive Technologies could help relieve that pain. View press release

Here is how it works. A patient with nerve damage goes into a doctor’s office and is hooked up to a machine. The doctor uses electrodes in the area where the person has the …Read more ›

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Paying for Long-Term Care: The Magic Solution—and Why You Haven’t Missed It

We write regularly about where to find financial aid for long-term care costs. The ideas are varied, and it may take some mix-and-match work to figure out the perfect solution for your aging parents.

With all these options, you might be worried you’re missing the magic solution. Don’t be, said Money magazine’s Pat Regnier in a column last year.

I’ve been a personal-finance journalist for over a decade, and what I’m about …Read more ›

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Historic Elder Care Choices: Advice From The Great Depression

As you struggle through life’s decisions, sometimes it’s comforting to be reminded that you aren’t alone. And certainly you’re far from alone when wading through elder care choices. Even generations before you went through the same thing—perhaps your own grandparents.

Liza Berger, a journalist with McKnight’s Long-Term Care News, recently reported on advice published in a 1937 newspaper. The publication had asked readers, “Just where do you think elderly people should …Read more ›

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Choosing a Nursing Home: The Importance of a Garden

On weekends at Kathleen Mears’ nursing home, some residents are just plain bored. “Saturday’s major activity is bingo,” she says on her blog. Even a stroll in the garden isn’t possible. There is no garden. “If there were other alternatives, weekends would not seem to last so long for some.”

When choosing a nursing home, yes, aide-to-patient ratio is important. Cleanliness, good nutrition and fall prevention are essential. But what about entertainment? Mental stimulation? Physical …Read more ›

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Aging in Place: Pros and Cons of Medical Alert Systems

As parents age, seemingly cozy homes start to reveal hidden dangers, such as fall hazards. But what if your parents don’t want to make safety alterations?

SearchChicago, a site from the Sun-Times, has an idea: medical alert systems. These  involve wristbands or other gadgets with buttons. “When pressed, the button sends a signal to a hub system in the home, which will call 911 or a family member,” says the article.

The pros are obvious. The …Read more ›

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