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Senior-Care Conversation Starters: Talking to Your Aging Parents

Bringing up subjects like assisted living and in-home care to your aging parents isn’t easy. But it’s gotta be done. In The Charlotte Observer, social worker and gerontologist Sara Thompson suggests a few conversation starters:

“I agree that the house is becoming tough to maintain. Can we talk about some pros and cons to staying here?”

“You planned financially for your retirement, and maybe we can discuss the possibility for a new living situation a few …Read more ›

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Adult Day Care an Increasing Option, Study Finds

Earlier this year, a New York Times blogger said she considered adult day care “one of the better-kept secrets in elder care.” Whether that’s still true is up for debate, but they’re at least experiencing an upward trend, reports the Columbus, Ohio, newspaper Business First. A recent study

identified 4,600 adult day centers across the country, 35 percent more than the last similar study in 2002. …

Operators say they charge an average of $62 …Read more ›

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5 Tools for Organizing Important Documents for Your Aging Parents

5 Tools for Organizing Important Documents for Your Aging Parents

5 Tools for Organizing Important Documents for Your Aging ParentsIt’s well documented that the time to talk to your parents or other loved ones about aging and other tough subjects is right now, before you have to do it urgently. Gathering and organizing your parents’ important documents (or your own) for future use is a vital part of the process.

Where do you begin? What is …Read more ›

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A Good Time to Review Medicare Part D Options? Right Now.

The Los Angeles Times‘s self-proclaimed “best tip” regarding the upcoming Medicare open enrollment period? “Start reviewing your options now.”

From November 15 to December 31, Medicare beneficiaries can switch drug plans. Why start researching so early? You’ve got a lot of stuff to get through.

If your aging parents need to get the best bang for their buck next year, you might consider helping them sort through options. Many plans are available, and even if they’re …Read more ›

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Seniors Moving in Together to Save Money

Maintaining your home is expensive. Remodeling for aging in place is expensive. In-home care is expensive.

But what if you had a roommate … or a few? What if you rented out a room, or you pooled your resources with other seniors and you all got a place together? Then aging in place would be, well, less expensive. And less lonely.

That’s what a few seniors are doing, The New Old Age blog reports. In Minnesota’s …Read more ›

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Choosing a Senior-Care Facility: The Home Design Difference

An article in McKnight’s Long-Term Care News includes an interesting story about the effects a senior-care community’s remodel may have had on a resident. The design overhaul resulted in a more inviting atmosphere.

Before the renovation, Marlene Rotering’s 98-year-old resident never slept through the night. That changed after the resident stayed one night in the new Cognitively Impaired Unit (CIU) of Edgewood Retirement Community.

“She slept peacefully,” recalls Rotering, executive director of the continuing care retirement …Read more ›

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Choosing a Nursing Home: What Happens When a Resident Dies?

If you’re searching for a nursing home, you’ve probably thought of lots of questions. But perhaps “how do you handle death?” hasn’t come to mind. Or it doesn’t feel appropriate. Nursing homes deal with this reality regularly—and in vastly different ways. If you think it will be important to you or your elderly parent, just ask.

Psychologist Eleanor Feldman Barbera, Ph.D., features one official ceremony at her blog My Better Nursing Home. Before the New …Read more ›

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Aging in Place: Pros Don’t Always Outweigh Cons, Expert Says

We talked a lot about aging in place last week. Many people consider this—remaining in your own home as you age—to be the ideal arrangement. But there are down sides, and some people argue aging in place shouldn’t be as revered as it is.

The University of Florida’s Dr. Stephen Golant suggested just that while speaking on a panel about aging and community development, reports the blog Washington Grantmakers Daily. Aging …Read more ›

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Virtual Retirement Villages: Where Senior Residents Rule

Have you heard of virtual retirement villages? They’re not new video games. You don’t enter them through a computer. You don’t even need goggles for them. Virtual retirement villages are a relatively new form of real-life senior living. And the concept has been spreading.

Over at Inside Aging Care, blogger Carol Leavenworth offers a succinct explanation about these groups, also called intentional communities.

These communities which are scattered around the US are membership driven organizations open …Read more ›

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Could Be Dementia, Could Be … Sleep Apnea?

Some seniors may be able to stay out of care facilities longer just by getting their sleep apnea treated, suggests The New York Times blog The New Old Age. This common sleep disorder, in which you stop breathing periodically while sleeping, can cause symptoms that mimic dementia. It can also worsen symptoms of real dementia.

Since sleep apnea makes itself known while you’re asleep, many people don’t know they have it. Even worse, the elderly …Read more ›

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