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Medicare Pay Cuts Postponed for One Month

As expected, Congress has delayed the feared Medicare physician pay cuts once again—this time for a month. From the Associated Press:

The House, in approving by voice vote the bill passed by the Senate earlier this month, postponed a 23 percent cut in doctors’ pay scheduled to take effect Dec. 1. That gives lawmakers a month to come up with a longer-term plan to overhaul a system that in recent years has bedeviled Congress, angered …Read more ›

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How You Die May Depend on Where You Live

Cancer patients may be less likely to receive hospice care in some cities than in others, a study suggests. The Washington Post reports:

Overall, the researchers found that one-third of patients spent their last days in hospitals and intensive-care units. But there was a big range. At one end was Manhattan, where 46.7 percent died in the hospital. In contrast, only 7 percent of cancer patients died in the hospital in Mason City, Iowa. …

Use …Read more ›

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Tip for When an Aging Parent Doesn’t Want to Move

Did you get to see your aging parents this Thanksgiving? How are they?

Sometimes, a holiday visit brings stark realization about elderly loved ones’ health. Or it can mark the continuation of strained talks about care.

Geriatric care manager Lindi Fodrini-Johnson recently covered a tip for one type of disagreement at her blog: if you think your aging parents need to move but they refuse, suggest a trial run.

It is sometimes good to enlist the help …Read more ›

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Happy Thanksgiving! How Seniors Can Cook With More Ease

Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope you’re chowing down somewhere and enjoying this day of gratitude.

Judy Hammill, of Charlotte, N.C., has a big thing to be thankful for this year: her brand new universal-design kitchen. She won an AARP contest and got a remodel.

Since so much of Thanksgiving centers around the kitchen, if you’re with aging parents and notice some trouble they’re having, perhaps this video of the remodel could help you come …Read more ›

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Thanksgiving With Aging Parents: What to Keep an Eye Out For

Happy day before Thanksgiving!

If you’re going to see your aging parents tomorrow, that’s a prime time to make sure they’re in good condition, experts say. Here are some warning signs to watch for, from Dorland Health’s Senior Services Report:

  • Confusion, repeating themselves, memory problems
  • Being unstable
  • Weight change
  • Mood problems; being aggressive or agitated
  • Being disorganized or unkempt

If you have any questions about this post or need help finding senior-care options for a loved one, call 1-866-483-4896 to speak …Read more ›

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Flying With Seniors for Thanksgiving? Why This Year Could Be Crazier

Tomorrow—the day before Thanksgiving—is one of the busiest travel days of the year. And this year, it may be even more interesting at some airports, given the furor over body scanners and thorough pat-downs going on right now, notes Kaye Swain, who runs If you’re traveling with an aging parent who has mobility issues, you might want to keep this in mind, she says.

he concerns and reactions from passengers could actually impact timely …Read more ›

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Walmart Medicare Plan May Not Be As Cheap As You Think

Happy Thanksgiving week!

As you know if you’ve been reading this blog, it’s not just holiday season. It’s Medicare season! Time to switch plans if you want. One new plan that’s seemed enticing is the Walmart/Humana one. “At $14.80, the monthly premium is the lowest of any national plan, about half the average,” reports the Associated Press.

But don’t let that fool you. If you don’t shop at Walmart, it may end up …Read more ›

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Tip for Beginning Caregivers: Involve the Family Now

When you’re just starting to help your aging parent who needs senior care, you may want to be able to do it all. Don’t try, a recent post at The Women on the Web suggests. Get the family involved upfront.

While you might be the one to take the initiative of beginning the caregiving conversation, especially if you feel you will become the primary caregiver, you’ll want to make sure to include your siblings, your …Read more ›

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I am still grinning after the success of our first #EldercareChat, which is co-sponsoring on Twitter with’s Denise Brown.

On Wednesday, November 17th at 1pm EST, followers of @Seniors4Living and @caregiving on Twitter probably noticed a spike in tweets, all of which ended with the group’s hashtag: #eldercarechat. The lively forum included people from the East Coast, West Coast, and other places/spaces in between. We were also pleased to welcome a …Read more ›

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What to Do When a Parent Wants to Die

When an aging parent with a terminal illness expresses a wish to die, what do you do? What do you say? How do you react?

Well, the best option is probably not to immediately dismiss the sentiment, suggests The New Old Age. Instead, it’s to listen.

“The first thing is to be curious,” said Dr. Susan Block, head of the department of psychosocial oncology and palliative care at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. “Many …Read more ›

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