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New Year’s Brain Teasers

New Year's Brain Teasers

New Year's Brain TeasersTake a trip down memory lane to test your knowledge of New Year’s traditions and customs.

Ring in the New Year by playing this game about New Year’s traditions, history and entertainment. (more…)

10 Top Senior-Care Posts of 2010

Happy New Year’s Eve! We hope you’ve had a fulfilling year.

As a fond farewell to 2010, here are 10 of the most popular posts on OurParents this year. The topics are wide-ranging. Interestingly, however, three of the posts have to do with assisted living.

  1. “Options for Long-Term Care Are Complex, Lack Accessibility”
  2. “Medicare’s Annual Wellness Visits: The Changes Explained”
  3. “Mayo Clinic No Longer Accepting Out of State Medicare …Read more ›
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New End-of-Life Medicare Law: How Controversial Is It?

Just how controversial is the idea of Medicare paying for end-of-life planning?

As we reported yesterday, The New York Times recently suggested “death panels” may be back: President Obama got a controversial end-of-life provision into law without Congress’s approval. But now, The Wall Street Journal reports that the new law is different.

The original provision:

would have given specific directions to doctors on what they should tell patients, including discussion of palliative care, …Read more ›

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“Death Panels” Back? Medicare End-of-Life Planning Available Next Year

The provision that prompted the infamous “death panels” debate is back, reports The New York Times. Next year, if nothing changes, Medicare will cover end-of-life discussions with doctors.

Because of controversy, the big health-care law does not include this coverage. But “the Obama administration has been able to achieve its policy goal through the regulation-writing process,” the article explains.

Section 1233 of the bill passed by the House in November 2009 — but not included in …Read more ›

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Parents Aren’t Happy With Home Care? Customize It, Says Expert

If your aging parents aren’t happy with their home care, maybe more-personal customization would help, suggests elder-care consultant and mediator Carolyn Rosenblatt at the Forbes blog Aging Parents. She describes the vision one of her colleagues has for a sort of elder-care concierge model and then offers tips to put it into practice in your situation:

  • Research how to give your aging parents as much choice as possible about care at home and look at …Read more ›
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Holidays With Aging Parents: How to Bring Up Concerns

Many people see their aging parents only during the holidays. As we talked about yesterday, this time of year is an opportunity not just for visiting but for making sure all is well. But if you see problems, how do you bring them up?

At, the website for the California newspaper North County Times, freelance columnist Agnes Hermann gives advice on this topic as one of “we elderly folk.” Above all, …Read more ›

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Holidays With Aging Parents: 7 Problem Signs and Solutions

Holidays with aging parents grow more precious as the years go by. They may become more important too, for your parents’ well-being. If this is the only time you see them during the year, you may notice creeping problems not so obvious to others.

Senior-care experts often recommend a watchful eye around the holidays. Here are some signs to look for, with potential solutions.

Sign 1: Altered Appearance
Has their appearance, personal hygiene or housekeeping changed? …Read more ›

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Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for Seniors: Store-Bought

It’s getting down to the wire. Christmas is only three days away! Have you finished your shopping?

If you’re still looking for gifts for aging parents, the nationwide company Home Instead Senior Care has some ideas. They looked at senior gift requests and found a trend: practicality.

An analysis of more than 26,000 senior gift requests conducted by the Home Instead Senior Care® network throughout the U.S. reveals that the most popular holiday wishes of older …Read more ›

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Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for Seniors: Handmade

Need last-minute Christmas gift ideas for the seniors in your life? How about making a nutritious frozen meal or two? “One year I made little frozen pizzas for everyone. They were a big hit,” says senior-focused Massachusetts lawyer Leanna Hamill at her blog.

Elder-care advisor Barbara E. Friesner has a homemade idea too:

Have your young kids make something like a picture or a handprint in ceramic for them. If they draw a picture, consider framing …Read more ›

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Nursing Home Criteria: Fewer Aides May Trump Technical Care

It’s not that technical expertise doesn’t matter. But  when searching for a nursing home, the number of caregivers per resident may be more important than many realize, suggests The New Old Age. Having a few dedicated aides means relationships can be built, which can turn out to make quite a difference in care.

“A lot of research shows that by far the most important thing for long-term residents, for quality of life and quality of …Read more ›

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