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TV Special: ABC News to Focus on Aging Relatives This Week

ABC’s World News With Diane Sawyer is doing segments about aging and senior care this week, starting tonight. The series is called “Families on the Brink: What to do About Mom & Dad.”

The press release didn’t specify which topic will air when, but a segment about aging in place was listed third, so I assume it’s scheduled for Wednesday. It’s described this way:

THE MEANING OF HOME: For so many, home is their identity, but …Read more ›

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Grief & Bereavement Resource Guide and death are the two great hinges on which all human sympathies turn.
B. R. Hayden

Nothing rattles the range of human emotions so much as the death of someone you love. Beliefs about the afterlife aside, the finality of death is a blow that knocks the wind out of most and ushers in a period of struggle that can lead to a number …Read more ›

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How to Help Senior-Care Villages Spread

One of the newer senior-care ideas is the village model. Members of a community form their own sort of senior-care association, allowing seniors to age in place.

We’ve talked about this concept before, but  elder-care consultant Carolyn Rosenblatt has some advice for people whose elderly parents don’t live in a village area yet. She says at her Forbes blog, Aging Parents:

If your aging parent lives alone or both …Read more ›

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Seniors Save With New Reverse Mortgage

With reverse mortgages, seniors get loans based on equity. Some do this to pay for senior care.

Kiplinger recently reported on a new type of reverse mortgage, offering less money but costing less too. It’s called an HECM Saver. (HECM stands for home-equity conversion mortgage.) According to Kiplinger:

For the HECM Saver, the initial insurance premium is 0.01% of the “maximum claim amount,” while it remains 2% for the Standard. The upfront premium …Read more ›

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Paying for Senior Care: The Life-Insurance Sale Some States Don’t Like

One lesser-known way to pay for senior care is by selling your life insurance. In a “life settlement,” a company buys your policy, pays the premiums, and collects the death benefits. Yes, it can be seen as morbid. But one type of life settlement is downright wrong, some states have determined. According to The Best Life, a blog from U.S. News & World Report:

More recently, the image of life settlements was hurt by its …Read more ›

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Tips for Tired Caregivers: How to Help Seniors Find Activities

Helping seniors find activities they enjoy can lessen your caregiving burden and increase their happiness, suggests eldercare author Joy Loverde at EldercareABC.

Encouraging your aging parents to participate in simple activities may be just what they need to feel good again about life and creating meaning and purpose. Ultimately, the more involved our parents are with life, the less they will depend on us for physical fulfillment and emotional support.

To help them, start by asking …Read more ›

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Goodwill, Alzheimer’s Merge Adult Day-Cares, With Interesting Results

People with Alzheimer’s and those with mental retardation are making valuable connections in an adult day-care  center in Iowa, reports the Sioux City Journal.

Last year, a day-care center run by Goodwill Industries and one run by the Big Sioux Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association merged, to some concern, says the article. People weren’t sure whether the plan would work. But Cindy Wilde, director of Goodwill Support Services, says it’s going well—including in unexpected ways.

“Our …Read more ›

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Nursing Homes More Likely to Close in Poor Communities, Study Says

If your aging parents live in a poorer community, don’t be surprised if they have fewer nursing home options these days, suggests a recent study. Between 1999 and 2008, the number of nursing-home beds reduced by 5 percent, reports Booster Shots, a blog from the Los Angeles Times. But the poorest communities lost more than the richest.

Though closures occurred from coast to coast, there were clear patterns with respect to income, race and ethnicity. For …Read more ›

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Family Meetings About Eldercare: 4 Tips for “Dummies”

It seems like there’s a for Dummies book for everything. Did you know there’s even one for eldercare?

If you’re familiar with those books, you know they’re all about clarity. No jargon or hard-to-read phrasing. So it follows that on their website, they feature quick, to-the-point lists with tips for adult children of elderly parents. For example, there’s advice on how to reduce caregiver stress and how to get your elderly parent to accept help.

Here are …Read more ›

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Tips for When an Elderly Parent Moves In With You

If you’re considering having an elderly parent move in, Cindy Laverty has some tips. Above all, have a plan—financially and physically—she says in an interview with

A senior-care consultant and author of Caregiving: Eldercare Made Clear & Simple, Laverty has been through her share of elder-care challenges, she says. She cared for her father-in-law for six years, and her mother has been living with her and her husband for 13.

Just because you are a …Read more ›

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