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Need Help Choosing an In-Home-Care Aide? Credential Coming Soon

Soon, in-home-care aides will be able to take a national qualification test. Direct Care Alliance, an industry organization, has a credentialing process in the works, reports The New Old Age. The test will be available for  $140. With a passing grade, an aide will become a credentialed “personal care and support professional.”

The New Old Age explains some of the challenges families face when choosing an aide right now:

Do they go …Read more ›

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Why a Reverse Mortgage May Not Fit Your Future: What to Consider

Yesterday, we talked about seniors taking out reverse mortgages who perhaps shouldn’t. Today, how ’bout some tips on how to avoid common mistakes?, a site that covers mortgages and loans, lists five such mistakes. For example, you can neglect to consider your future:

Reverse mortgages are characterized by one thing: you don’t make payments on the loan as long as you own and live in your home. However, the definition of “living …Read more ›

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Experts Warn Against Ill-Advised Reverse Mortgages

There’s been a lot of talk about reverse mortgages recently. But a recent Reuters article suggests there might be too much interest. Many experts say the loans should be a last resort, the article says. People are getting reverse mortgages who perhaps shouldn’t.

A reverse mortgage is one way some people pay for senior care. The senior gets money based on his or her house’s equity. The …Read more ›

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Supporting Elderly Parents? How to Qualify for Tax Deductions

If you’re helping out your elderly parents financially, don’t forget about taxes. The personal-finance blog MoneyNing explains what qualifies an adult child for deductions:

Generally, the eligible taxpayer must provide more than 50% of the financial support for eligible expenses such as food, lodging, clothing, education, medical and dental care, recreation and transportation. That a parent lives with the taxpayer is not required to claim the exemption – only that the taxpayer provide more than …Read more ›

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Idea for Lonely Elderly Parents: Online Dating!

Many consider aging in place to be ideal. But it can also be lonely.

Elder-care consultant Carolyn Rosenblatt writes at her Forbes blog about an interesting solution she and her husband found for his mother. They signed her up for senior Internet-dating! Though the 87-year-old didn’t connect with anyone online, she eventually met a man in the real world. She’s not interested in falling in love but has found great companionship, Rosenblatt …Read more ›

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Senior-Care Options: What Is Specialty Care?

We usually think of assisted living as the step before nursing-home care. It provides help with daily living but not 24-hour nursing. But The News-Courier, a newspaper in Athens, Ala., reports on an in-between option: specialty care.

The difference between assisted living and specialty care “is we have nurses around the clock,” Diane Keyes, the administrator of a specialty-care facility, told the paper.

“We are more of a clinical facility. People that come here may need …Read more ›

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Senior Care: How to Figure Out the Finances

If you’ve been looking into senior care, you already know it’s expensive. What you may not have figured out yet is how to pay for it.

The Wall Street Journal covered the financial challenges recently and offered some tips on how to sort through things.

To start, a family member should have power of attorney to help handle an older adult’s finances, among other needs. …

Consider hiring an elder-law attorney. While not cheap, it’s better to …Read more ›

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Nurses Giving Elderly People Free Respite Care, Guidance

Nurses are giving free help to elderly people across the country, reports The New Old Age. In what’s called the  faith-community nurse movement, help is not based on financial need. The nurses trust that if you ask for it, you need it.

The blog reports:

While they do not offer prolonged, direct nursing care, the list of things they do provide is a long one, including finding volunteers to help with driving, providing respite care for …Read more ›

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Assisted Living: How to Choose Between Top Communities

So you’re looking for assisted living, and you’ve narrowed down your options. They all give good-quality care and are located where you want to live.

Now, how do you choose?

That’s the question Dale Carter answered recently at her blog, Transition Aging Parents. She visited an assisted-living community and noticed some aspects that, for her, set it apart from other good communities. Upper management was accessible—important to her in case of problems. And residents were gathered …Read more ›

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Could Moving to a Nursing Home Mean More Quality Time?

Accepting that it’s time to move an elderly parent from your home to a nursing home can be difficult. But eldercare expert Barbara McVicker points out that good things can come from it. She writes at her blog:

Your loved one will receive 24-hour quality care. They can socialize with other patients. And now when you go to visit your mom and dad, you can just be there. You’re not there thinking, Oh, my gosh! …Read more ›

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