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How to Help Stubborn Aging Parent: Sit Back and Watch, Says Advisor

Do your aging parents reject in-home help? They’re not the only ones. Dale Carter, author of Transitioning Your Aging Parent: A 5 Step Guide Through Crisis & Change, says people ask her for advice about that all the time. So she blogged about it, offering four tips on what to do. One of them is simply to observe for a day or two:

Become like a quiet shadow beside your parent. Envision …Read more ›

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Tips to Plan Financially for Your Own Old Age

If you’re helping aging parents with long-term care, you know how much it costs. And chances are, your own old age has crossed your mind. How do you plan so you aren’t in the same desperate financial boat many seniors are in today?

The Best Life features eight tips on this, including simple things like rolling back spending now and warding off expensive chronic diseases through exercise. And there are ideas that …Read more ›

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“I Don’t” Recommend Reverse Mortgages, Says Financial Analyst

Reverse mortgages have their critics. Financial analyst Clyde Anderson for one. In a report covering an AARP lawsuit over rule changes involving these senior loans, CNN’s T.J. Holmes asked Anderson whether reverse mortgages can “still be a good idea for some people,” considering the down sides. Anderson started by saying he believes they’re “not always the best way to do it” and mentioned equity lines and equity loans …Read more ›

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New Home Health-Care Medicare Rule: See a Doctor

Some health-industry groups are concerned about a new Medicare rule. It’ll go into effect Friday unless Congress postpones it. It may affect the way your aging parents get home health-care. Then again, it may not.

The rule requires doctors not just to prescribe home health-care and approve a care plan but also to see the patient within 90 days before or 30 days after the patient begins care. Kaiser Health News reports that some organizations …Read more ›

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Retirement Communities Not Always Senior-Accessible

You might assume retirement communities are made for seniors. They may well be, but that doesn’t mean they’re all perfect. Tom King, a senior cohousing developer in Texas, recommends checking accessibility when shopping around.

Residents have found, after spending their life savings for a condo, apartment, cottage or house in a gated community that developers didn’t build streets wide enough for para-transit buses for residents who lose their ability to …Read more ›

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VA Pension: Why Veterans May Qualify and Not Know It

We’ve talked a few times about the Aid and Attendance benefit that helps veterans who need senior care. But additional financial aid is available for veterans that they may not realize they qualify for. Senior-care blogger Dale Carter got the scoop from Victoria Collier, author of 47 Secret Veterans’ Benefits for Seniors: Benefits You Have Earned …but Don’t Know About! For example:

Your aging parent can qualify for a VA pension even …Read more ›

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Senior-Living Trend: Cohousing in Separate Homes

In the ever-evolving world of senior living, even cohousing ain’t what it used to be. You may have heard of seniors living in one home and pooling resources to pay for things like in-home care. But how about cohousing in separate homes? SmartMoney explains:

he new breed of senior co-housing communities are a cluster of about 20-to-60 single-family houses gathered near a central home or building. Each person owns a home, but …Read more ›

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Free Tax Help for Seniors: Get Special Credits and Deductions

Seniors have a few special things to consider when filing taxes, reports The New Old Age. For example, medical expenses are more likely to be deductible than when they were younger. And they may qualify for a senior credit and deduction.

Seniors can get free tax help to sort through all this, the blog reports. AARP Tax-Aide is for people 60 and older and available “at thousands of locations.”

“I have a …Read more ›

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Veterans Stay out of Nursing Homes With Telemedicine

Have you heard of telemedicine? It’s a way to monitor patients remotely. And the Veterans Administration is keeping patients out of nursing homes by using it, reports the Associated Press. Patients put their health information into a device called a Health Buddy, and it’s transmitted “to a VA database where it is analyzed for warning signs of impending health problems.”

“People are living longer, staying healthier and prefer to stay in their own homes, so …Read more ›

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AARP Sues HUD Over Reverse-Mortgage Changes

More controversy for reverse mortgages: AARP is suing the Department of Housing and Urban Development in response to rule changes, reports The New York Times. AARP claims surviving spouses are getting foreclosed on unfairly. From the Times:

The lawsuit focuses on reverse mortgages where only one spouse signed the loan document. It argues that HUD shifted course in late 2008, making changes in its procedures so that surviving spouses who are not named …Read more ›

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