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I Want to Hold Your Hand…

Every day, we get older and older. As our nervous systems pass the point of maturity, they begin to decline. Synapses fire more slowly, or not at all. Nerves have more difficulty communicating, which translates into difficulty for seniors in performing manual tasks. Picking up the phone, cutting food, even turning a doorknob become difficult burdens.

Ideally, this would not happen, but because it does, it is the caregiver’s responsibility to find a way to …Read more ›

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Do You Want a Bomb-Disarming Robot Taking Care of Grandma?

I, for one, welcome our caregiving/bomb-defusing robotic overlords.

Non-Profit research firm SRI International believes it has found the next big thing in senior care-giving. Their bomb-disarming robot, Taurus, is able to handle tasks with high precision, which the firm believes it can implement in new ways.

Theoretically, this robot would be able to monitor a senior and even …Read more ›

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The 2011 Top Assisted Living Facilities Providers

The Assisted Living Executive magazine has released its annual list of the largest senior living chain providers. Overall, there were few changes in the industry, and experts say that it is maintaining its positive momentum. The top 10 on the list are:

  1. Emeritus Senior Living
  2. Brookdale Senior Living
  3. Holiday Retirement
  4. Sunrise Senior Living
  5. Life Care Services, LLC
  6. Five Star Senior Living
  7. Horizon Bay Retirement Communities
  8. Atria Senior Living
  9. Capital Senior Living
  10. Assisted Living Concepts


If you have any questions about this post or need …Read more ›

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Senior-Village Alternative: Grant-Funded Retirement in Your Own Home

Among the options for aging in place, senior villages are intriguing. They’re organizations in which members ban together to hire help at discounts, get volunteers and so on. They’ve been getting a good bit of coverage.

But SmartMoney recently covered an alternative: an NORC supportive services program. This is a naturally occurring retirement community that’s supported at least in part by the government or a nonprofit, SmartMoney reports.

These programs may include free regular …Read more ›

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Dancing Grandmas Overrun Times Square, Demand Reform

Yesterday, a flash mob of dancers dressed as seniors took Times Square. Their mission? To raise awareness about the growing need for senior care reform.

Dressed in wigs and carrying canes, these Americans presented a message. “As our population gets older and lives longer, three out of every four of us will need more than regular health care,” said elder care expert and author Dr. Marion Somers. It is never too late to start planning for …Read more ›

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How to Get Retirement-Community Perks Without Living There

Want to move to a retirement community but can’t sell your house in this crazy market? That community may have an idea for you. Businesses are coming up with some interesting plans to draw residents in.

Last week, we talked about one company that’s taking over home sales for new residents. Now comes word that Florida has passed legislation allowing continuing-care retirement communities to offer membership packages.

Members are expected …Read more ›

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Seniors Step Up, Donate Blankets to Less Fortunate

In a world plagued by disasters, our seniors have taken it upon themselves to help their fellow man. Residents of Bountiful, Utah’s Heritage Place Senior Living have  organized a two month blanket drive to help those hurt by the recent disasters. They hope to collect 2,011 blankets and quilts to donate to Operation Smile, Doctors Without Borders, the American Red Cross, and LDS Humanitarian Services.

“We are privileged to salute our grandparents by serving those …Read more ›

Retirement Communities Popping Up in Less-Traditional Areas

We talk a lot here about how senior care is changing as baby boomers demand new options. But the Omaha World-Herald has an interesting rundown on when some of these changes started and how they’re still evolving.

Ten years ago, assisted living was all the rage, the article says. Then aging in place grew in popularity. With that, interest in universal design—making homes accessible to people of a variety of ages and abilities—increased.

Retirement communities are also …Read more ›

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Seniors a Key Group to Look at in 2012 Election

Thanks to improvements in healthcare and lifestyle choices, Americans are living longer. Our resources, however, are being pushed to their limits. Social Security and Medicare were developed depending on seniors living much shorter lives, and thus, these plans are running out of money. While people keep paying into these plans, more and more people are receiving benefits, and that does not bode well.

Senior care looks more and more to be a divisive issue in …Read more ›

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Confused About 2011 Medicare Changes? Here’s Help.

Medicare has changed this year, but people may be having trouble sorting through the government’s explanations about the new options. The Los Angeles Times calls Uncle Sam’s material “a raft of complicated information.”

To help, Consumers Union has developed a free 16-page guide, the Times reports.

It lists, for example, the many preventive medical services that are fully covered under the law for those in the original Medicare program. These include prostate and …Read more ›

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