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Mind Your Mouth Ad Campaign to Educate Seniors About Dry Mouth

What if you couldn’t talk? Couldn’t eat? Couldn’t swallow? One in three seniors may develop these symptoms of dry mouth. If untreated, dry mouth can lead to tooth decay and gum disease in the short term, and then heart disease and diabetes later.

The Washington Dental Service Foundation wants to raise awareness among young seniors about the consequences of dry mouth and preventative measures.

“If you’re not producing enough saliva to neutralize acids, kill fungi and …Read more ›

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Eldercare a Multi-Trillion Dollar Drain on Adult Children

As a result of missing work to take care of aging parents, adult children have lost an estimated $3 trillion. The percentage of men and women over 50 taking care of their aging parents has reached 17% and 28% respectively, over tripling that of the last generation.

That’s not the only toll that caregivers pay. They’re more likely to have poor health, and as a result of missing work, stand to lose more in pensions …Read more ›

A Sweet End to Alzheimer’s?

That cinnamon you’re putting in your coffee every day may just be saving your mental health. A team of scientists at Tel Aviv University have isolated a substance from the cinnamon plant that inhibited the disease in mice.

They studied this substance, named CEppt under an electron microscope, and observed that it blocked the creation of amyloid molecules. They extracted the substance from cinnamon powder and placed it in the drinking water of mice and …Read more ›

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New Tech Keeps Those with Alzheimer’s Safe

What happens when a senior with dementia or Alzheimer’s wanders and there’s no one who can find him? A Texas company has come up with an idea to address this problem.

EmSeeQ, they call their device. Light and watchlike, the EmSeeQ uses cellular phone technology to pinpoint the wanderer anywhere they go. It even integrates with E-911.

“Studies show that if someone wanders, the first 24 hours are crucial,” says EmFinders CEO, Jim Nalley. “If they’re …Read more ›

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Largest Reverse Mortgage Lender Exits Business

Wells Fargo will no longer offer reverse mortgages to customers as a result of economic uncertainty. Because home values are unpredictable and it is hard to determine the extent to which seniors can go to meet their obligations. Earlier this year, Bank of America made a similar decision.

The timing of the decision comes after increased regulation in the industry that would make the operations even more difficult. Unfortunately, this is the time when seniors …Read more ›

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Transportation a Factor in Decision to Age in Place

While it might be ideal for many seniors to age in place, some are finding that they cannot. A recent Transportation for America study finds that seniors have limited transportation options in metropolitan areas. If they do not live in areas with good public transportation, they may be rendered helpless once they can no longer drive.

The report states that in big cities such as Atlanta, Kansas City and Oklahoma City, over 85% of seniors …Read more ›

Elderly Drivers: A Dangerous Prospect

When the elderly get on the road, not only are they putting themselves at higher risk, they increase the risk for the community as well. Kaye Swain talks about her experiences observing the elderly.

“I remember heading into a restaurant a few years ago and discovering an elderly woman trying to park her car in the parking lot,” Swain says. “She was stopped in the middle of the driving area and looked confused. She said …Read more ›

Seniors Increase Housing Loan Requests

Cambridge Realty Capital Company in Chicago is in shock. They are seeing unprecedented levels of housing loan requests from seniors, reaching levels not seen since 2003.

“Incredibly, the dollar volume of loans processed was almost three times higher than the same month in 2010,” Cambridge Chairman Jeffrey A. Davis said. Unfortunately, according to Davis, the market has forced the company to be more selective in the kinds of loans it can consider.

These grey clouds do have …Read more ›

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Obamacare Loophole Would Give Middle Class Medicaid

Accountants have found President Obama’s recent healthcare reform law may contain a loophole that allows the middle class access to Medicaid benefits. This glitch is in favor of early retirees. If a married couple retires and still has an annual income of $64,000 or less, they would be eligible for Medicaid benefits.

This is a result of Social Security benefits no longer being counted as income when determining Medicaid eligibility. Up to three million people …Read more ›

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Independent Living may be a Real CLASS Act

86% of 50-plus seniors want to stay in their homes (AARP). With an average $29,000 saved up for retirement however, this is not always a viable option. Seniors often need long term services and help with simple daily activities, two problems which are prohibitive to living alone.

So what are the options? Home health aides could be part of the solution. These aides would come to the home and assist the senior in regular activities …Read more ›

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