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Senior Centers Offer Elderly Respite From the Summer Heat

It’s sweltering out there, and cities are getting the word out that senior centers are great places to be during the heat of the day.

Elderly people are more vulnerable to extreme temperatures than younger adults, so if your aging parents don’t have air conditioning or don’t want to turn it on due to cost, you might consider pointing them to their local senior center.

In San Antonio, for example, the city “has pin-pointed 37 ‘cooling …Read more ›

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Culture Change in Some Nursing Homes “Transforming” Residents

Across the country, some nursing homes are embracing new ways of working with patients. They often call it culture change.

That’s what’s been going on at a few Minnesota nursing homes, reports the Detroit Lakes website DL-Online. They’re participating in a program for people with dementia called Awakenings.

In the program, staff work with doctors to reduce, change or eliminate medicines—especially if they’re causing side effects. Then they get to know the residents and respond better …Read more ›

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Florida Cuts Funds to Assisted Living Facilities “After Years of Rampant Abuse”

State regulators hold assisted living facilities to a certain standard. Right? They may not all be top-of-the-line, but they meet a minimum level of decency. … Right?

Not necessarily, according to the Miami Herald. After the paper published an investigative report in May, Florida has finally cracked down on assisted living facilities that had been given pass after pass through “years of rampant abuse,” the Herald reports.

At least a dozen homes targeted …Read more ›

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#ElderCareChat 8/24/11 Recap: Caregiving’s Difficult Decisions

Caregiving isn’t for wimps. The experience is rife with difficult decisions, which is what we talked about in the latest installment of #ElderCareChat.

Kicking off the discussion was a dialogue about what makes decisions of any kind (caregiving-related or not) difficult. Prime culprits were conflicting emotions like guilt, anger, grief, and resentment; fear of the unknown, and unknowable outcomes; and since few of us make …Read more ›

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Men Less Willing Than Women to Move to Assisted Living, Expert Says

Is your elderly father resisting the idea of moving to assisted living even though he needs the help and socializing? He’s not alone. According to a story in The Washington Post, men are less likely than women to accept the need for such a move. Maddy Dychtwald, co-founder of the consulting firm AgeWave, told the paper:

 “Women tend to just go with it. Men don’t. It’s that same old story …Read more ›

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Hospice Services Helping Patients Record Their Life Stories

After David Bishop’s mother died, he could still listen to her voice—even learn from her—thanks to a CD from her hospice service at Florida Hospital. With their Life Legacy program, they recorded his mom as she shared stories from her life, reports the Orlando Sentinel. From the article:

For the patient, the storytelling allows them to reflect and make sense of a life through stories and the meanings behind those stories, said Mike Palmer, a …Read more ›

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The Nursing Home Alternative Medicare Pays For: Home Health Care

Medicare only pays for a limited amount of time in a nursing home. That’s not always the case for home health care, points out Diana DiGiorgi, executive director Old Colony Elder Services, a seniors services agency in Massachusetts.

For people who don’t require around-the-clock nursing care, home health care may be a viable alternative to a nursing home. DiGiorgi writes in a column featured at the Taunton Daily Gazette website:

In order to qualify for Medicare’s home …Read more ›

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What to Do When Your Elderly Parents Won’t Get Help

If you’re concerned about your elderly parents’ well-being but they simply won’t hire help, it’s time for you to get prepared, says Kathy Martin, director of residence counseling at Friendship Village, a retirement community in Ohio.

Chances are, an emergency will eventually force a care decision, and you don’t want to be stuck making a quick choice without the time to research. Martin writes at the Iowa news site

Check into the various types of …Read more ›

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Weigh Hospice-Care Options, Even With Doctor Referral, Nurse Says

You know you need to research your options when looking for a nursing home or an assisted living community. But how about hospice care?

An article in USA Today says you should look around—and for more than the reasons you might expect.

“If a doctor recommends a specific hospice, ask why,” said.

There may be a legitimate reason—such as joint research or good working relationships with health …Read more ›

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Nursing Home Prank: Dementia Patients Coated in Ointment

Two nursing home workers have been sentenced to 20 days in jail for playing a joke on their coworkers, reports McKnight’s Long-Term Care News. See if you think it’s funny:

The prank involved coating seven elderly dementia patients head-to-toe with a greasy ointment so they would be “slippery” and difficult to handle for the next shift of caregivers at Valley View Skilled Nursing Home in Ukiah, CA.

You can read the full story here: …Read more ›

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