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One Senior’s View of Adult Day Care

The term adult day care sounds like babysitting—and what adult wants to be babysat? But, as CBS 42 News in Birmingham, AL, points out, the name may be somewhat misleading. The news program offers a quick glimpse into what a day in one adult day care center is like.

Clients play trivia bingo, socialize and do other activities. One of the clients says her favorite part of the day is eating. “Staff members say many …Read more ›

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Retiring Nursing Home Administrator Reminisces About How Eldercare Has Changed

If you’re just starting to search for long-term care for your elderly parent, you may be surprised to find that nursing homes are no longer practically synonymous with that term. In fact, oftentimes, people only stay there for a short time.

In North Dakota’s The Jamestown Sun, one retiring nursing home administrator looks back at how nursing homes have evolved. The paper reports:

People used to go to the nursing home and stay there for long periods …Read more ›

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“Free” Help Applying for Veterans Aid: Woman Claims Bait and Switch

Many veterans can get assistance paying for long-term care through a benefit called Aid and Attendance. Applying for it can be tricky, so free help is available through certain veterans organizations. There are also people who charge for this help.

South Florida’s NewsChannel 5 covers a situation in which a woman, Nita Steiner, says she thought she was getting free help but ended up owing quite a bit of money.

A recent radio ad stating that …Read more ›

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Tip for Balancing Work and Eldercare: Save Your Sick Leave

When you’re caring for elderly parents, balancing work and care can be difficult. Some people take time off work or even quit, some use adult day-care centers, and others opt for care in a facility.

If you’re fortunate, your workplace may have programs that help. The Forbes blog Financial Finesse explains nine ways your workplace may help you navigate this new terrain. One of their tips–even before you …Read more ›

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#ElderCareChat 9/21/11 Recap: Best Caregiving Tips

This Wednesday, 62 diverse and dynamic eldercare tweeps shared their best and favorite caregiving tips.

Kicking off the discussion was a query for best tips on staying organized, as caregivers are juggling countless responsibilities, paperwork, appointments, schedules, and more. Among the recommendations:

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When an Elderly Spouse Dies, Does Living Alone Mean Living Lonely?

Just because you’re living alone doesn’t mean you’re lonely, points out elder-care writer Carol Abaya in a column featured on She responds to a reader whose widowed mother refuses to move in with her family:

Aloneness has advantages and disadvantages. Your mother now has the freedom to enjoy activities and friends after putting her own life on hold for so many years when she cared for your father. So she can now do what …Read more ›

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Fun, Multipurpose Remodeling for Elderly Parents and Aging in Place

If you’re remodeling a home you’re planning to stay in a while, or one you’d like your elderly parents to move into, think universal design. Remodeling according to this concept means keeping all ages and abilities in mind—including elderly people and people in wheelchairs.

Lest you think this makes for a boring or institutional setting, consider the example featured on the Florida news website They profile the home of John Salmen, an architect who …Read more ›

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Considering a Reverse Mortgage? Why Required Counseling May Not Be Enough

Reverse mortgages can help you pay for in-home care and other necessities. But they’re expensive and complicated, so the government requires people to go through counseling before getting one. Seems like that would help. But counseling is perhaps a relative term, the experience of one woman suggests.

USA Today reports:

Nelly Rush and her husband, Richard, got a reverse mortgage in 2006 from Seattle Mortgage Co. …

“We didn’t know that we had to pay over …Read more ›

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Nursing Home Staff Rate Nonprofit Facilities Better Than Commercial

When searching for a nursing home, it’s good to go beyond what you can see and learn what people think about living there day-to-day. You can ask residents when you visit and check reviews at But a recently released government survey reveals what some staffers think about their facilities.

The blog The New Old Age reports on the survey’s findings, with the caveat that the study doesn’t include a large or …Read more ›

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Getting a Family Caregiver Agreement? Don’t Forget Your Down Time

Some elderly parents pay their children to be their caregivers. It keeps money in the family and helps the adult children stay afloat, among other benefits. But to do this right, you need a caregiver agreement.

The Best Life blog from U.S. News & World Report lists five things to do when coming up with such a contract (which they say should actually be drafted by an attorney). One key bit of advice they …Read more ›

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