#ElderCareChat 9/7/11 Recap: When It’s Time for Senior Care

Every other Wednesday, a fluid but dynamic group of individuals passionate about elder care convene online, via Twitter, in the #ElderCareChat we co-moderate with Denise Brown from Caregiving.com.

This week, knowing when it’s time for the first – or next – step in senior care was the topic on the table.

Just about everyone who participated had a story to share, about a grandparent, friend, parent, client, neighbor.

Transitions are really a part of life no matter what age you are, but the transitions in later life can be particularly complicated, especially if you’re part of a large extended family (which means it’s unlikely that you’ll all be in agreement on what’s best from the get-go). Often, the process begins with getting a handle on knowing what options are out there, what resources are available, and weighing pros and cons.

But when you know it’s time to have a talk with a family member or friend, or even have a heart-to-heart with yourself, @CaringWise assessed it well:

  • @CaringWise: Toughest thing in the world to say you need less independence.


Caregiver burnout, illness, a bad fall, loneliness, or just a general decline in abilities may all be factors prompting a transition conversation.  Other red flags signaling help is needed? Check out these answers from the group:

  • @Caregiving: I think it’s a good idea to check the fridge–old food, no food may indicate a problem.
  • @SeniorCounselor: The first thing to assess is safety–if safety is compromised, extra care is needed.
  • @GlennerCenters: The bills going unpaid is a big red flag; condition of the house is another.
  • @CareCommunities: Often times it’s after the death of a spouse or partner, if you see roles no longer being fulfilled that once were.


Once a need had been determined, participants offered these sound suggestions for easing the transition and overcoming resistance:

  • @jocelyn528:  Bringing as much as possible from home. Frequent visits. Not forcing senior to be happy with move before they are ready.
  • @Pacifica_Senior: Family and support groups. Others who have gone through the process are a huge help.
  • @CaringTransCorp: Knowing what the next steps that needed to be taken legally, estate management, and especially visits from family members.


Although this was our 22nd chat (!), I never cease to be amazed by the level of insight and interaction we get from veteran and new attendees alike. I love the diversity of our crowd too, from senior care professionals and concerned family members to everyone in between.

See what the buzz is all about and don’t miss the next chat – or use the hashtag #eldercarechat next time you’re on Twitter and want to share something with the group.

Can’t get enough of #ElderCareChat?

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  • Set up an Outlook reminder or mark your desk calendar for the next chat, Wednesday, September 21st, at 1pm ET.


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