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Reverse-Mortgage Rules Changing: Why Fewer People May Qualify Next Year

Just because you qualify for a reverse mortgage now doesn’t mean you will next year, according to the Smart Money retirement blog Encore. That’s because the government’s changing the rules.

In the past, the amount a borrower received was determined by his or her age and property value, says Peter Bell, president of the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association. But on Oct. 5, the Federal Housing Administration, which insures virtually all reverse mortgages, told …Read more ›

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Some Nursing Home Contracts “Violate Public Policy,” Says FL Supreme Court

Did you sign an arbitration agreement with a nursing home? If you live in Florida, part of it may not be valid, says the state’s Supreme Court. They’re OK with the arbitration part, Florida news site reports. They’re not OK with capping damages.

A five-member majority of the Supreme Court rejected parts of the agreements that sought to limit the ability of residents to seek punitive damages or to limit pain-and-suffering damages.

“(These) limitation of …Read more ›

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Choosing a Medicare Advantage Plan: Flat Fee Vs. Percentage for Outpatient Surgery

Last September, we talked about how more and more, hospitals were holding Medicare patients for observation rather than admitting them. This affected how much money they had to pay.

The same thing continues to happen today, according to Medicare and More, a blog from the Arizona website And if you have a Medicare Advantage plan (or are choosing one for 2012 during this Open Enrollment period), the details …Read more ›

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Grief and the Holidays: Advice to Make It Through

Hopefully, you’re having a happy Thanksgiving today. The holidays can be such a wonderful time of year. But sometimes, they can also be the saddest.

If you’re grieving this season, here’s some advice from a hospice-care worker: Listen to yourself.

From the South Carolina news site

“Don’t beat yourself up if you find yourself not wanting to participate in Christmas, and don’t feel guilty about participating in Christmas,” [Tracy Wright, community relations liaison at Hospice Care …Read more ›

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Caregiving as an Only Child: Are There Benefits?

Thanksgiving is traditionally a time of big family gatherings, often at the home of the matriarch and patriarch. Children, grandchildren, brothers and sisters come together to give thanks.

But not everyone has a big family. In fact, more and more, couples are having just one child, reports the Los Angeles Times. And that can affect not only holidays but more long-term situations, like elder care.

If you’re an only child and worried about your responsibilities, you …Read more ›

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Medicare Copays for Brand-Name Drugs Going Up

Happy with your Medicare premium? Don’t forget to check your drug copays.

Though some premiums are decreasing, many copays for brand-name medications are going up, according to a study from Avalere, a data analysis firm. The Associated Press reports:

The Avalere study found that copays for preferred brand-name drugs will increase to an average of $40.60 next year, up from $29.01 currently. Preferred brands are usually drugs for which the prescription drug plan …Read more ›

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Medicare Myth-Buster: Relatives Can Leave Nursing Home for Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving week! Have a relative in the nursing home you want to bring home for the celebrations? Don’t let Medicare myths stop you.

Leaving a nursing home for a short time won’t make a person lose Medicare coverage, says the Center for Medicare Advocacy. Your relative may, however, get billed for the absence, depending on when he or she returns:

If the resident returns to the facility by midnight, the facility can bill Medicare for …Read more ›

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#ElderCareChat 11/16/11 Recap: Alzheimer’s from the Frontlines

A culmination of feedback from 130 public input sessions, a national Telephone Town Hall meeting, and comments on the NAPA web site (all facilitated by the Alzheimer’s Association), resulted in the Alzheimer’s from the Frontlines report, in which the top 10 challenges facing Alzheimer’s caregivers and those living with the disease are outlined.

This week’s #ElderCareChat discussion was centered on those challenges; participants …Read more ›

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Woman Saves $260 on Prescription, Just by Switching Pharmacies

One woman saved her mother hundreds of dollars on medication just by doing a little research.

Denver’s ABC news program 7NEWS reports that local resident Gaylene Garbizo went to fill her mother’s Alzheimer’s medicine—the generic version of Aricept—at a pharmacy chain and saw that it was $276.

Garbizo said when she went to work later that day she started searching the cost of the drug online. That’s when she said she almost went into shock when …Read more ›

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Will Senior Villages Last? Some Question Viability

Senior villages, virtual retirement villages … just villages. Whatever you call them, to many, they seem like a great option. You guys have expressed a lot of interest when we’ve written about them, in fact. They’re organizations seniors join to get the everyday help they need to stay in their own home.

But the Associated Press reports that interest may not be enough to sustain these organizations. Villages also need money.

No village …Read more ›

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