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Tennessee Nursing Home Gives Residents Choice, Control

In 2010, Jefferson County Nursing Home opened the first Green House in Tennessee—a nursing-home model that calls for a less-institutional environment and more personal choice.

“It’s much different,” said Donna Ray, a . “Elders have their choice of when they get up. They don’t have to get pushed out of bed at 7. …”

Snacks are left out on the counter between the kitchen and dining room, and residents are …Read more ›

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Have You Asked the Right Questions About Your Parents’ Money?

You may have already heard that if you have elderly parents, you should talk to them about their finances. But do you know why? It’s not just to find out whether they have enough set aside to pay for long-term care, says elder-care advisor Carolyn Rosenblatt at It’s also to get necessary information in case of emergency:

Imagine your parent with a stroke, unable to speak. Or your parent falls …Read more ›

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Village-Style Nursing Homes Take Alzheimer’s Patients Back in Time

Remember that nursing home outside Amsterdam called Hogeway that we talked about last month? The one where people with dementia live in group houses that reflect their previous lives, and aides double as servants or neighbors? Well, Good Morning America has done an article on Hogeway and answered a question that was probably on your mind: Do we have anything similar in the United States? According to …Read more ›

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Senior Volunteers Helping Homebound Peers

Does your elderly parent need a little extra help or companionship … for (nearly) no charge? How about from a peer–someone who’s a senior too? Through a national program called Senior Companions, senior volunteers are helping people who aren’t much older than they are, reports The New Old Age. The blog describes one couple in New York who get help from a volunteer named John Antsy:

The Senior Companions program can’t …Read more ›

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#ElderCareChat 4/18/12 Recap: The Future of Geriatric Care

Bariatric toilets, more male caregivers, turning the tide on diabetes, and better nurse to patient ratios: we covered all of this and more in our latest #ElderCareChat on the future of geriatric care. Inspired by a recent New York Times article on emergency rooms dedicated to seniors (read it here), co-moderator Denise Brown of (@caregiving) encouraged thoughtful dialogue among and creative …Read more ›

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Moving Mom to Hospice Is Not Giving Up

Mary says her mom’s Alzheimer’s disease has progressed. Mom doesn’t want to do much—even eat or drink. Mary tries to keep her active. An aide suggested hospice, but Mary’s afraid of giving up. What would you tell her?

Another Mary, registered nurse Mary C. Fridley, answers this question in her column Caregivers’ Corner. Her response: Moving your mom into hospice care isn’t giving up. It’s moving her to another care level. …Read more ›

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Elderly Parents Moving In? How to Make Sure Your Community Fits

If you’re thinking about having elderly parents move in with you, consider more than just whether you’ll all fit in the house, suggests an article from The Washington Post. Think about the surrounding community as well. For example, do you live near a bus stop in case your parent loses the ability to drive? Does your area have a good senior center?  And then there’s the question of respite care. …Read more ›

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Touring a Continuing-Care Retirement Community? Make Sure the Nursing Home Matches Up

Have you found a beautiful continuing-care retirement community? Make sure its nursing home is beautiful too, advises Jamie Yockin, admissions director for assisted living and skilled nursing at Bethany Village, a continuing care retirement community in Pennsylvania. The news site reports:

While it’s easy to fall in love with the glitz of the residential cottages or estate homes, tour the assisted living and skilled areas as well. “When …Read more ›

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Continuing-Care Retirement Communities “Without Walls” More Affordable—and Growing

Traditional continuing-care retirement communities are out of reach for many pocketbooks. But now, more and more CCRCs are offering off-campus plans that keep you in your current home—and with a heftier bank account. The Wall Street Journal reports:

Run by professional management typically affiliated with a conventional CCRC, these home-based care programs generally offer a variety of service packages, each covering at least a portion of the future cost …Read more ›

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Assisted Living Not Working? Put Together Your Own Senior-Care Plan

Assisted living wasn’t cutting it for Victoria’s dad. The staff was dropping the ball, and there were no signs of things getting better. But what else could she do?  After talking with a geriatric-care manager, Victoria decided there was, in fact, another way to go: Move in with her dad.

The care manager, Carolyn Rosenblatt, recounts Victoria’s story at

After two sessions and a lot …Read more ›

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