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Is Your Elderly Parent a “Medical Dependent”? (Don’t Miss Your Tax Deduction!)

Did you know there’s such a thing as a medical dependent? If you help an elderly parent with medical expenses, you may have one!

“Medical dependent” is a government designation. It allows for a tax deduction for some people who help pay their parents’ medical bills. explains:

This is a little easier than becoming regular dependents. For your parents to be your medical dependents, you must provide at least half their …Read more ›

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New Senior Centers Cater to Boomers With Enriching Activities

If you or your parents shun senior centers, thinking they’re boring places where elderly people go to sit around and eat, you might want to check out today’s newer centers.

Some of the more modern variety—many of them not government-run—are offering enriching activities people of any age would enjoy, says an article at the website for New Jersey newspaper The Record. In fact, one center—the Korean Community Center in Englewood—goes ahead …Read more ›

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“Everyone’s Entitled to End-of-Life Care,” No Matter Your Finances

When Ladies’ Home Journal followed a hospice nurse around for an article about end-of-life care, they discovered some things that surprised them. For one, everyone can get hospice care, no matter your financial situation. Did you know that?

Plus, hospice isn’t just for cancer patients. According to a behind-the-scenes article about the piece:

When hospice care started to become available in the United States in the 1970s, it was mostly for end-stage …Read more ›

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3 Things You May Not Know About Home Care and Granny Pods

You may especially find them interesting if you’re helping elderly parents live independently or are considering having them move in with you:

  1. People often underestimate how much a nursing home costs and overestimate how much in-home care costs, according to the Home Instead Senior Care founder, who’s quoted in the article. Geriatric-care manager Marion Somers says home-care aides “can cost as little as $10 an hour in some parts of the country and as much …Read more ›
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Elderly Parents Moving In? How Charging Rent Keeps Government Benefits Coming

Ever thought of charging your parents rent? That’s what one expert says you might want to do if they move in with you. Otherwise, they may not get their full government benefits.

At, personal-finance expert Lynnette Khalfani-Cox goes over some financial consequences of having an elderly parent live with you. She writes:

Then there’s the potential impact on benefits an aging parent may be receiving, such as Supplemental Security Income. “Unless …Read more ›

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#ElderCareChat 6/20/12 Recap: LGBT Elders & Caregiving

PLEASE NOTE: Our next chat will be Wednesday, July 18th at 1p.m. ET. We will not meet on the first Wednesday as normally planned due to the July 4th holiday.

No matter how progressive our technology, philosophies, and lifestyles have become, discrimination is still a very real challenge for many people in today’s world. For lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) elders, the fear of …Read more ›

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Stop Arguing With Siblings Over Elder-Care By Playing to “Styles”

When a parent needs long-term care and siblings are involved, it’d be nice if everybody just got along, wouldn’t it? But so often, that’s not the case.

Caregiver expert Linda Rhodes writes about this from a financial perspective in a recent blog post at the website for Pennsylvania newspaper The Patriot-News. She answers a question about siblings not being able to agree on how much money to spend on their mother’s …Read more ›

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How Hospices Treat Some Pain Without Medicine

Minimizing pain is one of the main goals for hospice professionals. But some of the ways they do this may surprise you. On the other hand, maybe they won’t.

“We do pain and symptom management but there are so many other kinds of pain other than physical— emotional, spiritual, social—that we try to provide comfort for also,” hospice nurse Vicki Beatty told Georgia’s The Augusta Chronicle. “A lot of times, once …Read more ›

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What Do Hospice Volunteers Do?

You know hospice care involves nurses and other medical personnel. But have you heard of hospice volunteers? Ever wondered what they do?

The Richmond Times-Dispatch in Virginia gives a brief overview of the hospice players and describes the volunteers’ important jobs:

Supportive care: Volunteers provide extra support for patients and families by doing things such as running errands, doing household chores, reading to a patient and listening. …Read more ›

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A Glimpse at Mealtime in a Dementia-Care Facility

When you’re evaluating dementia-care facilities, one thing experts suggest you do is check out the food. But blogger Lorie Eber finds more to pay attention to at mealtime than just that.

At her blog Aging Beats the Alternative, Eber takes us through dinnertime at the facility where her dad lives and points out some details of what she deems “good Alzheimer’s care.” It centers around allowing residents to …Read more ›

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