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Dance Therapy Helps Seniors Connect Physically, Emotionally

You’ve may have heard of music therapy for seniors. But what about dance therapy?

At the Santa Barbara news website Noozhawk, dance-movement therapist Wendy Elliott describes her class as an exercise in physical, emotional and spiritual connection. In it, women ages 65 to 100 begin with a sort of warm-up, which includes a shoulder massage from Elliot.

Their appreciation of touch is deep — so rarely does anybody make physical contact with …Read more ›

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Siblings Not Natural Caregivers? They Can Still Help.

If you’ve taken over caregiver responsibilities because your siblings just aren’t naturally good at it, that doesn’t mean they can’t learn, suggests fellow caregiver Ruth Johnson in The Times News, a North Carolina newspaper. At least maybe they can give you a little respite.

Responding to a female reader who says her brothers aren’t “very adept” caregivers, Johnson advises:

Since your brothers are available but not involved, it’s …Read more ›

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Government Report: Most Senior Deaths Happen Outside Hospitals

Twenty-first century senior care is different than its 1900s counterpart. According to a recent government report, so are 21st century senior deaths.

The sixth annual Older Americans report says that since 1980, the number of people over 65 who have trouble doing daily tasks such as walking and bathing has plummeted by 41 percent, reports The Advisory Board Company. Plus:

Only 4% of individuals 65 and over currently live in nursing homes and …Read more ›

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Alzheimer’s Activity Idea: Make Treats for Shelter Dogs

When you have Alzheimer’s or care for someone who does, it’s easy to become isolated and depressed. Last week, we talked about social support groups to help combat this. But, of course, you don’t have to wait for group meetings to get out. Caregivers can also plan activities for just themselves and the people they care for.

Alicia Seaver, executive director of the assisted living center Bridges by EPOCH in Hingham, MA, …Read more ›

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Consider Personality When Talking Finances With Elderly Parents, CPA Says

When talking to your elderly parents about finances, what you really need to be thinking about isn’t business, says one certified public accountant. It’s psychology.

At the website for New Jersey newspaper The Record, a reader asks for tips on talking to aging parents about their finances and legal documents, such as wills and powers of attorney. How do you start that conversation so you can be sure they have what they need?

The answer depends on your …Read more ›

Long-Term Care Insurance: No More Lifetime Benefits, Agent Says

One of the ways to pay for skyrocketing senior care is through long-term care insurance. But that option is getting more and more out of reach, reports Longmont Weekly, a newspaper in Colorado.

“Lifetime benefits are going away,” said Michael Bellmont, a Boulder County long-term care insurance agent. “Every time they release a new policy, they become a little wiser and revise their rates.”

This means policies available today are more expensive than …Read more ›

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#ElderCareChat 8/15/12 Recap: Avoiding Burnout

A record-breaking 91 participants attended last week’s chat on burnout (seems this is an issue that many can relate to, yes?). While you engaged and conversed, I was avoiding burnout by taking a week to rest and recharge in the mountains of Pennsylvania, where I was able to fully disconnect from technology, work, and to do lists. So before I share this recap, I …Read more ›

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Alzheimer’s, Storytelling and Purpose: Dementia Class Taps Into Imagination

Monday, we talked about social support groups for people with Alzheimer’s and their caregivers. Today, we’ll cover another type of group fighting isolation: a storytelling class.

In Cleveland, OH, the senior living community Westlake Village holds imagination exercises that both community residents and nonresidents attend, The Plain Dealer reports. The class, called TimeSlips, “aims to bring purpose and meaning into the lives of those living …Read more ›

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Where to Find Better Deals Than Those Senior Discounts

When you’re caring for elderly parents, every penny counts. Thank goodness for senior discounts, huh?

Except … those discounts aren’t always as good as they sound, reports Time Moneyland. In fact, better deals are sometimes available to the general public. Time reports:

In a world overrun with discounts and deals, sometimes “senior” specials are nothing special. They’re often identical to promotions and offerings available to all, regardless of age. And at times senior deals …Read more ›

How to Try Out an Assisted Living Community for the Day

Want to take an assisted living community for a test drive? Ask whether they offer a day stay, suggests Dwayne J. Clark, founder and CEO of Aegis Living.

Adult Day Stay can provide the senior a chance to get used to the idea of transitioning to senior community living and get to know and become comfortable with staff members and residents before a permanent stay at an assisted living community becomes necessary. And for …Read more ›

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