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People With Dementia Travel to 1950s at English Senior-Living Homes

Between two English senior-living homes runs a stretch of businesses right out of the ’50s—somewhat literally.

The UK’s Daily Mail reports on Memory Lane, which consists of buildings built to look like they’re from the 1950s and that contain artifacts from the era. Memory Lane includes a post office, pub and small grocery store. The manager of the company that runs the two homes, whose residents include people with dementia, told the paper:

‘It …Read more ›

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Is That “Green” Retirement Community Really Environmentally Friendly?

Is that “green” as in energy-saving or olive-colored?

If an assisted living facility claims to be environmentally friendly, don’t take them at their word, geriatric-care manager Suzanne Modigliani tells They could be “greenwashing”—pretending to be green when they really aren’t. The article advises:

Ask point blank what they’re doing for the greater good of the environment. Do they use native landscaping to reduce water waste, for example?

Do their appliances meet the …Read more ›

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Nursing Home Arbitration Clauses: Pros and Cons

If you’re helping a parent move into a nursing home, watch out for binding arbitration clauses in all that paperwork you’ll fill out, some experts warn. You may sign one without realizing it—and you may not like it.

That said, they may not be all bad. These clauses say you’ll use mediation rather than a lawsuit to work out disputes. Kaiser Health News reports on some pros and cons (granted, more …Read more ›

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How to Get Retirement-Community Peace of Mind Without Moving

If you or your parents are healthy and wanting to stay in your own home as you age, here’s an option you may not have considered: joining a continuing-care retirement community “without walls.” We’ve mentioned them before, but now, The New Old Age has gone in-depth about these long-term care alternatives.

CCRCs without walls bring services to you, the post explains. You pay a high entry fee and a …Read more ›

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#ElderCareChat 9/19/12 Recap: Mythbusters, Eldercare Style


This word, which had been mentioned in a previous chat by one of our regular participants, inspired the topic for this week’s #ElderCareChat.

Defined by Merriam-Webster as “an imaginary object of fear” or “something that causes fear or distress out of proportion to its importance,” the real-time conversation on Wednesday covered all the bugaboos we hear, or may have even once believed, about elders, …Read more ›

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Alzheimer’s Program Tackles Boredom by Tapping Interests

Today is World Alzheimer’s Day, so you may be hearing a lot about the search for a cure. But as that effort continues, another battle wages on a similar front: the fight to make life better for people who have Alzheimer’s right now.

In an article about nondrug treatments for Alzheimer’s, the Dayton Daily News in Ohio reports on one such effort. Researcher Govind Bharwani has developed a type of therapy that …Read more ›

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Alzheimer’s Expert: “Emotional Relationship” With Caregivers Outlasts Recognition

When you have Alzheimer’s, even if you don’t remember who someone is, you may understand what the relationship is like, says Paul Raia, vice president of patient care for the Alzheimer’s Association of Massachusetts and New Hampshire. That’s one reason a good caregiver–patient relationship is vital.

Raia makes his comments in an article at (the website of The Boston Globe) that’s about a Green House treatment facility for Alzheimer’s—only the …Read more ›

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Vaccines Too Expensive? Try Switching Medicare Plans

Just because you have Medicare doesn’t mean some services won’t be costly. That’s what one Kaiser Health News reader has found. The person asks for advice on getting a shingles vaccine that will cost $185 out of pocket.

Columnist Michelle Andrews answers with a few tips, including simply holding off until you can get better coverage:

If the vaccine co-payment is still too high, it may be worth looking into other Part …Read more ›

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Assisted Living Facilities Introduce 24/7 Nursing Care

Think 24/7 nursing care isn’t available in assisted living communities? That’s generally true if you’re talking about around-the-clock care for one person. But if you mean nursing care that’s available at all times just in case, some assisted living communities do offer that.

Darien News, a newspaper in Connecticut, reports:

Six months ago, Maplewood Senior Living … introduced 24/7 licensed nursing care into its facilities. In those six months, the number of …Read more ›

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Next #ElderCareChat to Focus on Senior Care Myths

On the first and third Wednesday of every month, about 60+ participants gather on Twitter for a common purpose: to engage in a real-time conversation about hot topics in elder care.

Currently in its second year (the forum was founded in November 2010), #ElderCareChat has grown into a supportive community of individuals who are committed to sharing resources, educating the community at large, …Read more ›

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