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2013 Taxes: Can You Claim Your Elderly Parent As a Dependent?

It’s a new year, which means … tax talk has already started rolling in. But this post is about good news on that front.

If you help an elderly parent financially, you may qualify for a tax deduction. You just need to be able to claim your parent as a dependent.

The Associated Press explains:

A qualifying relative can be a child who doesn’t meet the qualifying child requirement, a parent or stepparent, …Read more ›

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Cheaper to Retire in a College Town?

Many baby boomers are retiring to college towns these days, USA Today reports. The physical, intellectual and cultural stimulation draw them there. But in addition, some are finding another bonus: a lower cost of living than they expected.

For example, Mike and Helene Krupa moved to Athens, Ga., home of the University of Georgia.

Their property taxes dropped 50% for a home the same size as their previous home. Homeowners insurance dropped 40%. …Read more ›

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Meet the Motorcycle Friendly Retirement Community

Moving to a retirement community often means downsizing—including getting rid of outdoor toys like motorcycles, RVs and boats. But if you move to Lake Weir Living in central Florida, those toys can go right along with you.

In an article about “eight of the most unusual retirement communities in America,” describes the Lake Weir Living lifestyle:

Here you’ll find boomers whose lives revolve around hopping on their Harley or into their hot …Read more ›

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Some Hospices Rejecting People Who Live Alone

If you’re at the end of your life and you want to die at home, hospice is there to help make that happen … usually. It’s just that, with some hospices, living alone could be a deal-breaker.

A Kaiser Health News article hosted on NPR’s website reports:

Twelve percent of hospices nationwide refuse to accept patients who don’t have a caregiver at home to look after them, according to a recent survey …Read more ›

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Medicare Cracking Down on Hospices With Long-Term Patients

What if you have a terminal illness but are expected to live for another year? Can you get into a Medicare-covered hospice program?

Not technically. Medicare requires you to have six months or less to live. But Kaiser Health News reports that some hospices haven’t been strictly sticking to that requirement.

Now, they may have to. Medicare is cracking down on this leniency, according to Kaiser.

It’s not clear how many …Read more ›

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Free Training Workshops Available for Alzheimer’s Caregivers

Many professional caregivers get training, so why not let ordinary, everyday folks in on it too? That’s what home-care company Home Instead Senior Care decided. They offer free caregiving workshops for people who care for someone with Alzheimer’s—whether they’re clients or not. NPR reports:

The company’s employees help older adults with things like meals, grooming and transportation. “Family members would be so surprised that our caregivers were able to get mom …Read more ›

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Bigger Hospices Are Better?

Is a larger hospice also a better hospice?

Hidden at the end of a long but informative The New Old Age post about bringing a loved one home to die is this advice from Dr. R. Sean Morrison, director of the National Palliative Care Research Center at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York:

“The larger the hospice, usually the more services for the patient and caregiver,” said Dr. Morrison, referring to …Read more ›

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Surprise! Parents Dropping Medigap Coverage, Not Telling Kids

It’s bad enough to deal with having a parent in the hospital, but how’d you like to find out they don’t have enough insurance to cover their care?

That’s what’s happening to some adult children, reports an article on MSN Money:

Medicare doesn’t cover everything, and Medicare supplement insurance — also known as Medigap insurance — is meant to fill in the gaps. The most popular plans can be expensive for seniors, …Read more ›

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Nursing Homes Limit Visitation to Fight Flu

It’s a good idea to visit nursing homes before choosing one—and before a crisis happens so you don’t have to make a last-minute decision. That said, right now might not be the best time to go nursing home hopping.

The flu has hit long-term care facilities hard this year. We’ve seen reports of visitation restrictions and even admission restrictions. After all, older people are some of the most vulnerable to a bad …Read more ›

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#ElderCareChat 1/16/13 Recap: Eldercare Around the World

Find out what eldercare looks like in other countries via the recap of this week's #ElderCareChat conversation.This Wednesday, a lively dialogue among our 36 attendees offered a much broader perspective of senior and caregiving issues than usual: eldercare around the world. In the hour-long conversation, we found that while some countries are unique in their eldercare programs and philosophies, the issues and challenges (limited …Read more ›

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