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What to Consider Before Moving an Elderly Parent

If you’re thinking of moving your elderly parent closer to you, one geriatric-medicine specialist has some tips to consider. Pamela Tronetti, D.O., has seen patients’ families make some major mistakes. At, she gives advice to help you avoid the headaches she’s witnessed.

For one thing, be realistic with yourself about how independent your parent is, she says. Also consider renting before buying, and know what Medicare won’t pay for. And …Read more ›

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Aromatherapy in the Air at Assisted Living Community

It may be the best smelling assisted living community you’ve ever been to. At Temperance Lake Ridge Assisted Living in Sherburn, MN, aromatherapy wafts through the air. A few drops of essential oils in nebulizing diffusers is all it takes for hours of smell-good comfort.

The facility believes the oils will have a therapeutic effect, reports local newspaper the Fairmont Sentinel:

“These oils provide a complementary therapy for the …Read more ›

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Paying for Elder Care: What’s a “Collective Sibling Agreement”?

Often, when a parent of multiple children needs elder care, some siblings shoulder more of the responsibilities than others. This can breed resentment if not handled carefully.

One option is to draft a collective sibling agreement, suggests the Home Care Assistance blog in a post about ways to pay for in-home care:

A sibling agreement is a great way for children to pay for their parents’ care while avoiding tension and resentment. …Read more ›

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How to… Enjoy Time With Family From Afar

Consider our “how to” tips for spending time with the people you love no matter where you live. The days of grandparents living next door may be over (though multigenerational households are making a comeback), but spending time together with family doesn’t require living in the same zip code.

Besides the incredible benefits of today’s technology for connecting families scattered across the country …Read more ›

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NerdWallet Names Miami “Best Urban Place to Retire”

Want to retire in a city but not sure where? NerdWallet has some suggestions.

This personal-finance site calculated their own top-10 list of best urban communities to retire in. The site considered cost of living and care, percentage of people over 65 (because, they figure, that could make socializing easier), walkability and whether the weather is warm.

Miami came in at number one:

It’s no wonder Miami is a popular retirement destination—a full …Read more ›

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America’s First Senior Village May Be Changing Its Focus

Beacon Hill Village wants its members to get out already. And it might start working harder to help them do it.

The first senior village in the country is developing a new strategic plan, reports the U.S. News & World Report blog The Best Life. Twelve years after Beacon Hill Village started, ideas about aging have changed, so this grassroots effort to help people age in place may evolve as well.

One …Read more ›

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#ElderCareChat 3/20/13 Recap: Stigmas, Stereotypes and Language

Read this post for a summary of the #ElderCareChat conversation on stigmas, stereotypes and language around older adults and aging.During this Wednesday’s live Twitter forum, 57 participants were buzzing about the right and wrong ways to reference older adults and aging.

One of my top peeves is when speakers, journalists and others refer to an Alzheimer’s patient instead of a person with Alzheimer’s, or individual …Read more ›

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Doctor: Lack of Palliative Care Causing Needless Suffering

When you have a life-threatening illness, what to do about it is a personal decision. Much has been said about how hospice care could—should?—be started earlier for many people. But what about palliative care? Some aren’t even told that’s an option, suggests an internal-medicine physician at

In the post, the doctor describes two cases of ailing elderly patients and their loved ones. With one, …Read more ›

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“Alzheimer’s Café”: Fighting Isolation With Coffee and Songs

Here’s an idea that seems easy to get started in any town: an Alzheimer’s Café.

One of the many challenges of dealing with dementia is isolation. It can be a lonely disease, both for the person who has it and for his or her caregiver. So in Seattle, the Greenwood Senior Center started a monthly social group at a coffee shop. They call it the Alzheimer’s Café., the website for Seattle’s Fox affiliate, …Read more ›

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Choosing a Retirement Community: Retreat Vs. Summer Camp

When it comes to activities, retirement communities aren’t one-size-fits-all, points out The Washingtonian. Different communities are suited to different personalities. So, while you’re considering cost, location and amenities, also think about whether you prefer, say, relaxing or playing sports.

The quantity and range of activities offered in planned retirement communities—often restricted to those age 55 and older—vary. Some of these communities have the feel of quiet retreats, while others are more like …Read more ›

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