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How to… Be the Best Grandparent Ever

As much as they love spoiling them, grandparents also enjoy being spoiled back. Read this post for 5 simple ways to get your grandkids' thumbs-up.Fact: Grandparents love spoiling their grandkids, and according to this SmartMoney article, to the tune of $10 billion dollars. They’re not just buying gifts and gadgets though. The MetLife Report on American Grandparents said they’re also providing …Read more ›

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Tip for Financial Conversations With Elderly Parents: Give Compliments

To make a money conversation with your elderly parents go smoothly, don’t boss, don’t condescend and don’t delay, advises Retiring Wise, a blog from One Reverse Mortgage. But here’s a do: Do give compliments. That can help keep your parents off the defensive.

Giving a complement to your parents as you give them advice will give them a confidence boost. For example you can say something about your parents being …Read more ›

How to… Age in Place, Simply: An Interview with Author Rachel Adelson

A "crash course about current insights on aging and how to stay home successfully" is how Rachel Adelson describes her book. Learn more in this post.“Aging brings change, but that doesn’t mean it brings disability.”

This tenet runs throughout a new book called Staying Power: Age-Proof Your Home for Comfort, Safety and Style. Its author, Rachel Adelson, bases most of her age-in-place …Read more ›

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Comparing Hospices? Ask About Aromatherapy, Art Therapy …

Hospice is known for making people more comfortable at the end of their life. But as we’ve talked about recently, “more comfortable” doesn’t just mean giving pain medicine. There’s much more to hospice than that.

At their blog, Holy Redeemer Hospice, which serves Pennsylvania and New Jersey, suggest a few complementary therapies you may want to ask about:

Some hospice teams include members specially trained in massage, healing touch, …Read more ›

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How to… Find Your Perfect Retirement Place

To avoid boredom and loneliness in your retirement years, consider these "how to" tips for finding your perfect post-work setting. The days of retirees flocking to Florida are over. Yes, many still head south to the Sunshine State for its warmer temps, but on the whole, boomers and seniors are exploring all their options — both domestic and international — when it comes to …Read more ›

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Why We Need Traditions in Assisted Living

We understand why a family has need of traditions, but have we thought about residents in assisted living?We understand why a family has need of traditions, but have we thought about residents in assisted living? How the establishment of traditions in an assisted living community can make a significant difference in the lives of residents, staff and their …Read more ›

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What to Ask a Nursing Home About Its Evacuation Plan

If you’ve been watching the news in recent months, you know how important a good evacuation plan is for nursing homes. We witnessed strong evidence of that in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, for example. But how do you know whether a particular nursing home’s plan fits the bill?

At their blog, AARP offers some questions to ask—basically, “Details, please?” Here are some examples:

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Expert: Be Realistic When Considering Moving Away From Elderly Parents

Deciding between two life-altering options is hard enough. Mix in a little guilt and fear, and your caught-in-the-middle predicament can feel downright paralyzing.

That’s the type of situation a reader describes over at the Home Instead blog Ask Dr. Amy. The reader’s mom has Alzheimer’s. Her husband has an important job offer that would move her a long way from her parents. What to do?

Dr. Amy, aka life transition consultant Amy …Read more ›

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AARP: How High-Speed Internet Helps People Age in Place

Access to high-speed Internet makes a huge difference when you’re aging in place, according to an AARP Public Policy Institute report. Yet most people 65 and older don’t have such access, Senior Housing News says in an article about the report.

What’s so important about the Internet? Well, many health and smart-home technologies are Web-based.

uses include self-management of chronic diseases that can help prevent or postpone functional decline, such …Read more ›

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How to… Have a Meaningful Retirement

the trouble with retirement

Check out our latest "how to" for ideas on creating a productive and purpose-filled retirement.A meaningful retirement starts with a plan, and by that, we don’t mean a financial plan (though that’s important too). After years of working, having a schedule on your days off may not sound like fun, but without some structure, you may …Read more ›

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