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Alzheimer’s Care: How to Create a Music-Therapy Playlist

If you’re interested in music therapy for a loved one who has Alzheimer’s, you might want to check out this Savvy Senior column posted at the website for the Panola Watchman, a Texas newspaper. It offers a quick but interesting rundown of tips to create your own personalized playlist.

After determining what kind of music your loved one likes, the column advises:

Then go back to the era when was …Read more ›

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“Senior Villages” Provide Social Outlets, Not Just Services

“Senior villages”—virtual retirement communities—are known for connecting older people to services that help them keep living in their home as they age. But the financial site explains that these villages also do something else traditional retirement communities do: They provide social activities.

At a senior village that serves a large area in Seattle:

… the village organizes weekly potluck dinners, outings to plays and movies, and even workshops ranging from the …Read more ›

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How Some Nursing Homes Help Preserve Independence

Green Houses are a much talked-about alternative to traditional nursing homes. They provide a home-like atmosphere and give residents more choice and control. But do they make a measurable difference in quality of life?

NPR reports that they do. “Studies show that residents are happier and stay healthier longer,” says an article at their website. Since residents have their own private room and bathroom, infection risk is reduced, says David Farrell, …Read more ›

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Seniors Charging Cheap Rent to Younger Roommates, Who Keep House

We’ve talked about seniors moving in together to save money. But Kiplinger’s Personal Finance reports that seniors are also sharing homes with younger generations. And this has certain advantages for both parties.

In an article about aging in place, Kiplinger’s reports:

Another way to stay put and get help with home maintenance, errands and other chores is to share your home with someone who will provide those services in exchange for below-market rent. …Read more ›

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Can You Give Away Assets to Qualify for Aid and Attendance?

When you apply for Medicaid, you may face penalties if you’ve given away money or assets within the last few years. So does the same go for the veterans Aid and Attendance pension?

No, says attorney Michael Hodes in a column featured on the website for CBS Baltimore. Gifts don’t cause problems for VA pensions. But keep those Medicaid penalties in mind because you never know when you might need it:

Any time …Read more ›

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Difference Between Home Health Care and In-Home Care

Often, people talk about “home care” as if it’s just one type of service. But actually, there are two kinds of home care: home health care and nonmedical in-home care. (The latter is often simply called “in-home care.”)

A blog post at, a website from Home Instead Senior Care, explains the difference:

Home health care refers to care provided in the home by a licensed medical professional, such as a nurse …Read more ›

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Lawyer: In Hospital, Beware the Word “Observation”

Hospitals have been keeping more and more Medicare patients on observation status rather than admitting them. That has serious ramifications for many patients. Observation status can be more costly than admission, and Medicare may not pay for a nursing home stay afterward.

So elder law attorney Ellen Morris offers some advice in an article at the Florida news site

Morris said she’s advising her clients to be aware of their status, …Read more ›

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#ElderCareChat 7/17/13 Recap: All About Assisted Living

Get the highlights of this week's dynamic #ElderCareChat discussion on assisted living in this recap post. This Wednesday, a record 106 participants joined our live Twitter forum to discuss assisted living, a care category that is still fairly new to the industry and as a result is often surrounded by confusion, both among professionals and the general public. Part …Read more ›

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First-Person Advice on Choosing a Nursing Home

Sometimes, it’s good to hear from someone who’s been there, done that. So if you’re looking for a nursing home, you might like to check out this short column at the website for The Courant, a Connecticut newspaper. In it, Peter and Rebecca May share their advice after finding two nursing homes for Peter’s mom—one they didn’t like and one they do.

One of their tips …Read more ›

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How to Help Senior Parents Downsize Before a Move

Helping Senior Parents Downsize for a MoveYou might imagine my mother belongs to a nomadic tribe evidenced by how few possessions she keeps in her home. Although her worldly goods wouldn’t fit on a camel’s back, a small trailer would do if she downsizes. My mother is great at purging because she doesn’t attach sentimental value to many …Read more ›

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