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#ElderCareChat 10/16/13 Recap: You Won the Lottery: What Eldercare Services Will You Start?

Get the highlights from this week's conversation about what eldercare services we would start if the money was freely flowing and readily available.This week, 42 chat participants dreamed with us: we won the lottery, and it was time to “spend the dough” on vital eldercare services. During our live discussion, attendees talked about the programs, services, housing options, training courses, support systems, technology, and other …Read more ›

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#ElderCareChat 10/2/13 Recap: The Emotional Aspects of Aging and Caregiving

Get highlights from this week's top trending discussion about the emotional aspects of aging and caregiving.This week, a record-shattering 134 chat participants saturated the Twitter feed with thought-provoking and intense comments, questions and ideas about emotional health, particularly among caregivers and seniors. And, based on this phenomenal amount of participants and activity (714 tweets total through the hour), we …Read more ›

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The Secret to Better Care for Senior Living Residents

A national survey reveals the secret to better care for residents of senior living communities. Find out the answer in today's post.A national survey from CareerBuilder revealed that 59% of healthcare hiring organizations believe the “difficulty finding and hiring nurses and allied health workers hurts the quality of care that patients (residents) receive,” says senior housing blogger Steve Moran …Read more ›

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