#ElderCareChat 2/4/15 Recap: Helping Family Through a Caregiving Experience

Review highlights from this week's well-attended #ElderCareChat (89 people contributed) on the family matters of caregiving.During Wednesday’s live discussion, a large group — 89 attendees total! — flooded the tweet stream with their thoughts, tips, memories, and musings about the “family affair” that is a caregiving experience.

Caregiving has a unique impact on each member of the family, from the youngest to the eldest, and this week’s group of participants thoughtfully and thoroughly discussed the obstacles and opportunities therein.

Another important piece of the conversation: the point of view of the person receiving care. How does living with chronic pain change a person? How does the fear of being alone or losing independence and the ability to make choices affect the quality of life?

Dig deeper with these highlights (with discussion questions included):

Review the wealth of resources, insights and ideas shared here, via the full chat transcript (thanks to @ctffox of The Fox Group for connecting us to this invaluable service). Analytics are available too; click here to see who attended.

We now offer a “landing page” on our blog with information about the upcoming chat, including a tentative list of questions. Refer to this page on our blog for the latest.

Our next chat is Wednesday, February 18th at 1pm ET. We’ll be discussing elder care legal issues, welcoming back guest expert Howard Krooks, a certified elder law attorney who is also the current president of NAELA (the National Association of Elder Law Attorneys). @Seniors4Living will moderate the discussion. As a reminder, we meet on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month. Anyone who is interested in and passionate about eldercare issues can join our chat, anytime. Prior participation is not required, nor is there a need to stay for the full hour.

If the “real-time” frame doesn’t sync with your schedule, or if you feel that your question or idea requires well beyond 140 characters, start a discussion thread on our LinkedIn page or use the #eldercarechat hashtag. The LinkedIn group is also a great place to continue previous discussions, connect with those who share similar interests, or talk about the services that you, or the company you represent, have to offer.


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