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How to Relieve Arthritis Pain: Natural Ways to Treat Arthritis

arthritisWith one in five adults suffering from arthritis, finding ways to manage the disease will provide relief for millions of Americans. A variety of treatment options and lifestyle choices exist that will help alleviate arthritic pain naturally.


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Assisted Living Grants: HUD Senior Housing Made Affordable

assisted living grants

assisted living grantsNavigating the landscape of low-income senior housing can be overwhelming, to say the least. Thankfully, there are resources available to help seniors in their search.


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Dementia and Mental Illness: Is Dementia a Psychiatric Disorder?

dementia_mentalAngry outbursts, paranoia, hallucinations—any or all these behaviors may be indicative of mental illness, but they also may manifest themselves in individuals who have dementia. While symptoms may be similar, dementia should not be treated as a mental illness but rather as a distinct condition that has separate causes and treatments.


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How You Can Help Seniors Avoid Social Isolation – An Actionable Plan

social isolationMany seniors may find that their daily lives lack regular contact with other people. Especially when living alone, these older adults often suffer from social isolation, a condition that can have a detrimental affect on their health and happiness. (more…)

#ElderCareChat Recap 3/18/15: Solving the Financial Conundrums of Caregiving

shutterstock_143469946During Wednesday’s live discussion, 69 new and returning participants brainstormed solutions for solving the financial conundrums of caregiving, from making home modifications an affordable, viable option to practical tools for managing an ever-changing and often burgeoning caregiving budget. (more…)

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Early Warning Signs of Dementia

signs of dementia

signs of dementiaLately, I’ve been having trouble remembering things. My husband swears he told me something, but I have no recollection of the conversation. I’m only in my late 30s, so this is troubling – especially because my grandmother has dementia, and her mother did, too. Does this mean I’m at risk?


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Aging With Dignity: Five Wishes

fivewishesWhat if your aging parent was seriously ill and unable to communicate? Would you know what type of medical treatment he or she would want? Would you know what type of comfort to provide? Would you be able to agree with your siblings about who should be in charge of your parent’s healthcare decisions? (more…)

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Best Cities to Retire on the Cheap in 2015

best cities to retire

best cities to retireIt’s hard to imagine a world where Madison, Wisconsin, and Iowa City, Iowa, are named the best places to retire, but that’s how those cities are ranked in the Milken Institute’s 2014 “Best Cities for Successful Aging.”


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Low Acid Coffee for a GERD Diet

low acid coffee for GERD

low acid coffee for GERDWhen you’ve been drinking coffee for decades, the three words you hate to hear from your doctor are “Cut out coffee.” For those experiencing the debilitating symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), however, cutting out coffee is one of the primary dietary modifications recommended by medical professionals. Fortunately, there are low-acid coffee for GERD alternatives that can allow you to keep drinking …Read more ›

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#ElderCareChat 3/4/15 Recap: Ways to Creatively Care

ideas for creative caregiving

ideas for creative caregivingDuring Wednesday’s live discussion, 38 new and returning participants brainstormed inspiring ideas for infusing creativity into caregiving as a way to connect generations, lessen the drudgery of caregiving’s daily grind, and to communicate in new ways with those for whom we are caring. (more…)

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