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Dining with a Disability: Products That Assist with Motor Impairments

Preparation 3.2.2016A loved one living with an arm, shoulder, or hand disability must adapt the way they complete everyday tasks, from typing emails to washing dishes. (more…)

A Checklist for Moving into Assisted Living

Preparation_2.27.2016You’ve already used a senior living referral service and now it’s time to help your parent move to an assisted living facility. After making the decision to move your loved one into Assisted Living, it’s time to start packing and consolidating their belongings. In order to make this transition from living on their own to moving into Assisted Living, it’s important for you to pack …Read more ›

Three Ways to Make a Senior-Living Room More Comfortable

DIY_2.27.2016Adjusting to senior living is difficult for seniors and their loved ones. Seniors, like any of us, may initially experience discomfort or anxiety living somewhere new. Despite the center’s best efforts to adjust your loved ones to their new home, some seniors may feel out of place. However, you can help shorten the adjustment period and ease the transition. Crafts and do-it-yourself projects are an excellent way …Read more ›

Family Ties: Minimizing Sibling Conflict over Parental Care

Family-Support-2.26.2016Deciding that Assisted Living is right for your parent is difficult enough when you’re the only person second-guessing yourself. Adding siblings who disagree into the mix makes the process that much harder. The lack of consensus over the next step can reignite old rivalries, make the sibling who handles the majority of the care feel taken for granted, and even lead to resentment that puts a life-long …Read more ›

Four Easy Yoga Poses for Senior Citizens

Yoga_2Yoga is a mind-body therapy that uses breathing exercises, meditation, and postures to improve general physical fitness and mental well-being. As the University of Maryland Medical Center notes, practicing yoga helps to fight arthritis, back pain, anxiety, and more. Some people imagine yoga as young people behaving like contortionists, but yoga postures and exercises can be adapted for any body type and any age so …Read more ›

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A Healthier, More Satisfying Old Age: Integrating Preschool Children with Seniors

Care Options_2.24.2016As boys, my friends and I played football on a makeshift field that ran the length of several front yards in our neighborhood. My yard, at the end of the block, marked one end zone. The other end zone was four houses away in Roger Longo’s yard. Occasionally, an exuberant kickoff or errant toss sent the ball skittering into the grass on the other side of …Read more ›

Reading the Signs: How to Recognize That It’s Time for Assisted Living

shutterstock_176319005Making the decision to move a loved one into an Assisted Living facility is never an easy one. However, some telling signs will help you recognize when it’s time for Assisted Living.

Intensifying Care Needs:

Are the healthcare needs of your loved one beginning to dramatically increase, perhaps beyond your ability to handle on a daily basis? This is an indication that you may benefit from assistance.

Mood Swings or …Read more ›

Are Your Parents Ready for Senior Care?

Help-2.22.2016In many cases, our parents won’t let us know that they need help. Admitting that our aging parents need more assistance than we can provide is difficult, and making a decision for them is even harder.  (more…)

Pets in Senior Living Facilities Improve Quality of Life

Pets I“Animals are such agreeable friends―they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms.”

George Eliot

Pet therapy uses animals to offset emotional and physical issues to improve quality of life. It is especially therapeutic for senior citizens because they are susceptible to depression, loneliness, and declining health. Many senior living communities have begun to integrate pets through their animal assisted therapy programs and are allowing seniors to …Read more ›

What Does a Senior Living Advisor Do and When Should You Contact One?

Asking-for-Help-3.2.2016Imagine you are raising your family, busily tackling the responsibilities and obligations of life, and then one day something happens. It may be an accident or case of forgetfulness that jolts you into the reality that your elderly parent or loved one is losing the ability to care for herself. Trying to keep her safe and comfortable will gradually become a harder and harder task. You may …Read more ›

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