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How Much Do Senior Living Accommodations Cost?

shutterstock_73623532As people approach age sixty-five, their retirement planning questions shift from how much they can save each month to how much they can afford to spend. Abstract figures such as projected Social Security benefits, savings accounts, 401(k)s, IRAs, pensions, and other investments all coalesce into a bottom line that determines the retirement lifestyle they can afford. …Read more ›

Can Senior Living Boost Your Love Life?

shutterstock_387245197Does our need for intimacy change as we age? That’s the question posed by The Age of Love, a documentary that’s smashing stereotypes and empowering single seniors to seek companionship. The film follows the adventures of a group of Rochester, New York, seniors who participated in a one-of-a-kind, speed-dating event for those between the ages of seventy and ninety. …Read more ›

How to Seek Care for a Loved One with Cancer

shutterstock_326921054A cancer diagnosis takes its toll on a family. How you respond, the treatment you seek, and the advice you take can affect not only the quality of life of your loved one, but also the lives of those whom you love. For the elderly, this can be especially difficult if they wish to live on their own. …Read more ›

Making Peace with the Decision to Move Your Parents to Assisted Living

shutterstock_128133443Many people who’ve made the decision to move their loved ones to Assisted Living care attest to feeling a sense of guilt, doubt, and grief over the change. Most commonly, caregivers feel as if they’ve let their loved one down by moving them into an Assisted Living community. The feelings of responsibility often worsen if the loved one has difficulty adjusting to the lifestyle change or experiences …Read more ›

Assisted Living Workout Programs for Seniors

shutterstock_222565726While fitness contributes to well-being at every age, senior citizens need physical activity more than ever. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity each week for those aged sixty-five and older. To help seniors achieve this goal, many senior living communities offer an array of fitness classes and wellness programs to their residents. …Read more ›

Six Daytrips for Assisted Living Residents

lawnmower FBAs great as those Assisted Living community’s perks and programs may be, it’s important to “get out of the house” every once in a while. Many communities encourage families to take field trips and participate in local activities with their senior. Here are six day trip ideas for Assisted Living residents. (more…)

Can Staying Healthy Help You Afford Senior Living?

shutterstock_133211177We know that good health affects how we think and feel, but have you considered the fact that healthy habits can also add up to money in the bank for senior living? (more…)

Assisted Living Resources for Those with Medicaid Benefits

shutterstock_318779285The most pressing questions most families have about Assisted Living center around the costs and how to afford long-term care for their loved one. Medicaid is a federal program administered by each individual state to help low-income families cover medical expenses. Many families don’t realize that Medicaid covers some of the costs of Assisted Living, though the benefits vary by state. Here’s a breakdown of the Medicaid …Read more ›

#ElderCareChat 4/20/16 Recap: Technology and Aging

shutterstock_60268300In the latest installment of #ElderCareChat, 39 participants discussed the benefits of current and in-the-pipeline technology tools for seniors and caregivers. Connie Chow (@DailyCaring on Twitter) was our featured guest during the live hour.

Connie is a founder of DailyCaring, a website and daily email newsletter with free, practical caregiving tips that help families caring for older adults. Brief daily emails deliver the latest solutions to top caregiving challenges. DailyCaring’s advice has been featured …Read more ›

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Signs Your Loved One Suffers from Depression

shutterstock_253374955Depression is a psychological condition that can cause both emotional and physical pain. An individual with depression may experience a variety of symptoms that range from a loss of appetite to restlessness, both of which affect the immune system and cause fatigue. (more…)

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